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One Door Closes

I’d planned on closing out the Coconut Chronicles permanently on May 17th, the day we left Canada fifteen years ago, for the symmetry and symbolism. That was my plan. I am good at mistakes and bad at plans. Continue reading

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Packing up has begun over here at the Coconut Chronicles. Slowly, I am organizing posts and putting them into boxes. I seal them with tape and mark in black felt pen “Bahamas”, “Florida”, “Ucluelet”, “Baja”, and so on. There are … Continue reading

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I’m Okay? You’re Okay?

“Is everything okay with you?” My dear friend Pat asked this of me on Sunday evening. As well as being one of my best friends in the universe, he is also a regular Coconut Chronicles reader and he noted that … Continue reading

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What Are You Going To Do?

“I’m going to write a book.” “I’m going to get in shape.” “I’m going to travel the world.” “I’m going to…” No. Here’s the truth: Most people won’t ever do the things they say they are going to do. Not … Continue reading

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We Are Still Fighting

“Not another discussion about strong women in fiction! Haven’t we covered this topic a billion times already?” This is the response I imagine some of you will have to today’s Chronicle. I’ll even toss in a few eye rolls and … Continue reading

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The Is-ness of Writing

I have almost eaten the elephant. Draft number two of the third Warpworld book is almost complete. It is a mammoth beast, spanning three worlds, with a plethora of perfectly paralleled plotlines. Say that last bit ten times fast, I … Continue reading

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When I was a child, if you had asked my parents what one trait of mine drove them the most batty, I’d give you Vegas odds the answer would be: “She fibs”. (A close second would be my complete scatter-brain-ed-ness). … Continue reading

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The Fan Letter I’ll Never Send to Stephen King

Why will I never send this letter? First, because I feel weird about “fan” stuff. I’ve never written a fan letter to anyone in my entire life. Whatever illusions I had about the mystique of celebrities was soundly beaten out … Continue reading

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Genius, Power, Magic…and Warpworld

Hello from the Home of a Published Author! Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness  has genius, power and magic in it. The words belong to Goethe but they sit at the top of the Peak … Continue reading

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How to Eat an Elephant

Hello again from Home! Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to do but the endeavor just seemed too large, too mind-numbingly, eye-poppingly overwhelming that you couldn’t imagine yourself actually completing it? It would be like trying to eat an elephant. … Continue reading

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