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Bounce Bounce Bounce

At a tennis lesson two weeks ago, the coach gave us a little talk about the importance of positive self talk while on the court. Even the best in the world are not immune to those moments when flubbing an … Continue reading

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Here’s Why *I* Go To The Gym

Every now and then I come across something that triggers insta-rage. Today it was this link, exhorting that women go to the gym because they want to have bodies like the ones shown in the photos (and that men go … Continue reading

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The Is-ness of Writing

I have almost eaten the elephant. Draft number two of the third Warpworld book is almost complete. It is a mammoth beast, spanning three worlds, with a plethora of perfectly paralleled plotlines. Say that last bit ten times fast, I … Continue reading

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It’s the Little Things

There’s this joke I used to tell as a kid that got me huge laughs every time I performed it. For the record, seven-year-old me rated “huge laughs at my joke” right up there with ice cream and ponies. For … Continue reading

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What kind of loser are you?

Hello again from the last frontier! I never did tell you all about the big tennis tournament we had in January. There’s a reason for that. With tomorrow’s big Super Bowl Party at Jim & Sue’s, plus a few other … Continue reading

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