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Girl Gone Wild

On Tuesday morning, I climbed aboard a big, yellow zodiac and headed out to watch whales and play tourist for a day with my dear friend Liz and her family from Arizona—son Jeff, and teen granddaughters Katelyn and Lauren.  Despite … Continue reading

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The Future is Insane!

Fast cars don’t impress me. Yeah, I like driving them and I certainly wasn’t complaining while zooming around the track at 100mph at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, but you won’t find me ogling a Lamborghini or a … Continue reading

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Mind Killer

What scares you? Not in the big, metaphorical sense but in an immediate, palm-sweating, heart racing kind of way. Spiders? Heights? Water? In Frank Herbert’s classic novel, Dune, fear is described as “the mind killer”. There is some truth in … Continue reading

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Not Alone

  “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…” ~ John Donne, Meditation 17, Devotions upon Emergent Occasions When I lived in Costa Rica, ants were among … Continue reading

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Thinking About Money and Art

We’ve had this talk before, haven’t we? Money vs Art. You know what side I stand on. You know that I would rather take a “real job” to pay the bills so that I can continue to make the stories … Continue reading

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Giving Bathing Suit Season the Finger

Summer = swimming. That’s the equation that could sum up most of my childhood summer vacations. Whether splashing around in my backyard above-ground pool with my friends, zipping down a water slide, or diving into one of my province’s bounty … Continue reading

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The Good Owner

What heartless person doesn’t think this is the cutest thing ever? Well, me, actually. Over the years, I’ve learned to bite my tongue about everyday instances of animal cruelty. I’ve tried, instead, to be subtle, to slip in bits of … Continue reading

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When Did We All Become Children?

Several years ago I watched a fascinating documentary on cat behaviour. One of the theories put forth in the film was that by feeding and sheltering cats from an early age, humans unintentionally keep them at a juvenile stage of … Continue reading

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The Is-ness of Writing

I have almost eaten the elephant. Draft number two of the third Warpworld book is almost complete. It is a mammoth beast, spanning three worlds, with a plethora of perfectly paralleled plotlines. Say that last bit ten times fast, I … Continue reading

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The Winter of Our Discontent

Hello again from home! Today is the shortest day of the year. Or the longest night. You can decide which sounds best, though it’s not really one of those ‘is the glass half empty or half full?’ kind of things … Continue reading

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