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Two Cats: This is not about cats

I have two cats, Serenity and Ripley. They are sisters, from the litter I fostered five years ago. These two cats have been with me since they were five weeks old. Their lives have been identical, but they are not. … Continue reading

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Girl Gone Wild

On Tuesday morning, I climbed aboard a big, yellow zodiac and headed out to watch whales and play tourist for a day with my dear friend Liz and her family from Arizona—son Jeff, and teen granddaughters Katelyn and Lauren.  Despite … Continue reading

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Stray Dogs and Immigrants

On Friday, February 24th I spent a few hours volunteering for the SPCA’s annual Bake a Difference fundraiser. The event is tied in with National Cupcake Day. Helping animals and eating cupcakes, could there be a better way to spend … Continue reading

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I had this idea for a really long blog post about how I’ve been having more and more moments of happiness lately and how I can finally feel the magic power of time starting to do its thing. I thought … Continue reading

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Mind Killer

What scares you? Not in the big, metaphorical sense but in an immediate, palm-sweating, heart racing kind of way. Spiders? Heights? Water? In Frank Herbert’s classic novel, Dune, fear is described as “the mind killer”. There is some truth in … Continue reading

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The Good Owner

What heartless person doesn’t think this is the cutest thing ever? Well, me, actually. Over the years, I’ve learned to bite my tongue about everyday instances of animal cruelty. I’ve tried, instead, to be subtle, to slip in bits of … Continue reading

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What It Means (To Me)

I’ve been trying to write a profound wrap-up to our latest Baja adventure. Drafts have ranged from sarcastic to sappy but none have captured “it”—the essence of the experience, the lessons learned, the feel of returning to a place that … Continue reading

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Secondhand Love

My love for animals began early… That’s Tinker you see, my first cat, being oh-so-patient with my enthusiastic affection. My memories of Tinker are all happy – even the time he caught a snake and dropped it in the middle … Continue reading

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My Ocean, Myself

Hello again from Home!This week’s Coconut Chronicle is short and…well, maybe not sweet but hopefully powerful.  Get involved.QUESTION: Can we change?Until next week, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ our planet!The Princess

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Pets Peeved

Hello again from the place where it never stops snowing! The Blizzard Fence is finished!! Hooray! Hooray! Now we just have to get through the “Snow Deck” and all our outdoor work is finished (for now). Sigh. Our life, at … Continue reading

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