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Kickers vs Huggers

The phrase “tough love” is believed to have originated from the title of Bill Milliken’s book “Tough Love”, in 1968. It has since become a catch phrase for any kind of stern, blunt, cold, punitive, and even harmful way of … Continue reading

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Stray Dogs and Immigrants

On Friday, February 24th I spent a few hours volunteering for the SPCA’s annual Bake a Difference fundraiser. The event is tied in with National Cupcake Day. Helping animals and eating cupcakes, could there be a better way to spend … Continue reading

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The Culture of Compassion

Growing up, there was one horror story told by my family that would haunt me into adulthood. It has to do with the US medical system and it goes like this… On a trip across the border, my Aunt B … Continue reading

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