Confessions of a Middle-Age Housewife

Hello again from Home!

As the title indicates, I have a confession. A few, actually. Those who know me well, prepare yourselves, this will come as a shock.

Confession #1 – I have learned how to cook.

Oh dear, I can hear the sounds of fainting bodies hitting the floor from here. But, yes, it is true. I’m no Julia Child but I now cook dinner about 70% of the time. This is up from my usual 5%, and those meals were generally made when Prez was out of town, and they consisted of popcorn and/or tinned beans and/or roasted Safeway chicken.

Princess’s earlier cooking attempts

As if this momentous revelation were not enough, I must also tell you that I can even cook some things…(wait for it)…without using a recipe! Nothing fancy, mind you. Unlike the Kozys, Marthas and Becksters of this world, you won’t see me just ‘throwing together’ a pie or anything that complicated. Baby steps.

In fact, I have started following Playing With My Food, the cooking blog of Martha Junior – the effervescent Megan McLeod. Check it out! (So far, the risotto has been my favourite…yum!)

Confession #2 – I have a garden.

Well, this garden wouldn’t exactly sustain Prez and me in an end-of-the-world scenario. When the zombie apocalypse happens, I’ll be looting 7-11’s like everyone else. However, compared to the days when Martha used to buy me hanging baskets and then would end up watering them for me because I’d always forget, I’ve come a long way.

At this moment I have the following plants and herbs:

7 tomato

4 basil

2 rosemary

2 oregano

Soon to be planted: cilantro and strawberries.

(The above list vaguely reminds me of one of the many strange pizzas I ate while living in Japan way back when.)

What’s happened? (You may ask). Have we woken up in Opposite World? Have alien creatures taken over my brain? Is this some diabolical military experiment run amok?

Nope. I’m having the opposite of a mid-life crisis. This is my mid-life acceptance. Instead of approaching my mid-40’s with a sense of urgency to get out there and see the world, to finally shrug off responsibility and do all those things I’ve always dreamed of doing, I have an overwhelming desire to “settle” for awhile. I want to learn how to make a really good muffin! I want to find the best way to keep slugs off my basil plants! (I’m trying Epsom salts, by the way). I want to be…a housewife!

Yes, a housewife, that’s what I’ve been lately. Prez has been partner/husband extraordinaire these past few years – taking on more and more of the “real work” responsibility so that I can focus on my writing. But now that the novel manuscript is complete and out to publishers (still waiting on that, if you’re wondering) I find myself with actual time on my hands quite often. I still write every day, but I also try to make sure that the house is clean, various chores are done, and there’s a tasty meal on the table when the big fella gets home.

While it all sounds very June Cleaver, and my younger self would have rolled her eyes at me, what I’ve discovered is that marriage isn’t what we’re sold in Harlequin novels and cheesy romantic comedies. It’s a partnership. It’s give and take. It’s recognizing the sacrifices your partner makes and doing your best to return the favour when you can.

In September, Prez and I will sit down and evaluate our situation, and decide what path we will choose to follow next. But until then, you can find me in the kitchen, or the garden.

I’ll be the one with the martini glass in her hand.

(Well, just drunk actually – kids don’t try this at home)

Until next time, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!

The Princess

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4 Responses to Confessions of a Middle-Age Housewife

  1. Megan McLeod says:

    You are hilarious – I love this post (especially because it mentions me…haha)! You definitely have a talent for writing Kris. I’m so glad to hear that you like my blog! I can see why you have one…it’s fun and a good way to blow off steam. Looking at Coconut Chronicles, I kind of wish that I had chosen WordPress as my host instead of Blogger. Anyways, thanks for the mention Kris! Check out the Beef Stroganoff post coming up this week that I made last night. It was soooooo good.

    Take care,

    PS: Oh, by the way I’m impressed about the garden. ‘Martha’ was just at my house yesterday watering flowers and dead-heading my bushes, after going shopping with me for hanging baskets that she will remind me to water every day on the phone. 🙂

    • clubfredbaja says:

      Thanks for visiting Meg! I was very happy to mention your blog, since you’ve provided me with so many deeeeelicious meals. Your taste in recipes is as fabulous as your taste in books.

      As for the hanging baskets…mine used to email from Martha’s address. “We’re thirsty! Please water us!!!” Who knew plants were tech savvy? 🙂

  2. mamaliciousindc says:

    I love the way you use images – so funny. Also, if you need housewife support, I am so here for you. 😉 Can’t help you with the drunk part though…oh, no, not me, noooope.

    Burning question though — how the hell are you growing tomatoes?? Do you get enough sun?

    • clubfredbaja says:

      Our Canadian tomatoes are genetically modified to grow in sub-zero temperatures. It’s tough to pick them sometimes. Chipping through the ice is a real pain. But that annual home-grown salad is SO worth it. 😉

      Happy to know I have housewife support out there. Shame about the drinking. Guess I’ll keep looking for a mentor…sigh.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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