Plan B From Outer Space!

Written August 7, 2012

Hello  from the Georgia Strait!

Yep, I’m writing this Chronicle onboard  the Queen of Something ferry, enroute from Vancouver Island to the mainland. Our ferry system has come a long way from the days when the only entertainment was a few arcade games (see also: quarter, Dad can I have another),  and the overpriced gift shop. Oh, the gift shop is still overpriced but at least there are now nifty work stations and WiFi…for those of us who simply MUST stay connected.

It’s been a hectic few months since I penned the last Coconut Chronicle, dearest Nutters. My time is divided three ways between work on the Kootenay Literary Competition, work on the novel/series, and quality time with Prez. As usual, Prez ends up with the smallest piece of the pie but I do try to make sure he gets the piece with the most filling and extra ice cream.

I’ve had so many people asking about the status of the novel that I thought it was high time to post something publicly and spare myself the endless repetition. Let me spell this out in the sort of organized fashion my semi-OCD brain demands:

  • Our fancy NYC agency, operating under our local agency, sent the manuscript out to editors at all the science fiction imprints of all the big publishers. For those of you who don’t know, an “imprint” is like a “division”. For example, Harper Collins is the main publisher but they have a division, or imprint, called “Avon”, which publishes only romance novels. There are imprints for fantasy, science fiction, cook books, classics, and so on.
  • Some of the editors responded. They said very nice things about the story and the writing but, for a variety of reasons, rejected it. Our last rejection was the best (if you can say such a thing about rejection). To paraphrase: “I love it! Unfortunately, we already have a series that is too similar.” Ah…so close.

Thankfully, we did not recieve this rejection letter!

  • Some editors never responded. Apparently this is to be expected , (as are the rejections – 99% of manuscripts get rejected). Technically, we are waiting to hear back from a few editors but neither Josh nor I are holding our breath.
  • Now the fun part! Josh and me discussed the possibility long ago that we would be rejected. With a 1% chance of getting signed, we figured that was  wise. Initially, I was not excited by the prospect of self-publishing but I conceded that we could at least put out an e-book version because that wouldn’t take too much time (ha ha ha) or money (ha ha ha) and I know  we have a story people will love. Why deprive our future fans?
  • After enough rejections came in, we decided it was  time to start PLAN B and take steps to self-publish.  I thought this would be a sad day, I couldn’t have been more wrong.
  • We discovered that in a few short years the indie e-publishing world has exploded. EXPLODED! You’ve no doubt heard of the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon, and you might have also heard of Amanda Hocking , the million dollar baby. Both authors started publishing eBooks independently and both made buckets of money and collected thousands of fans long before the big boys came knocking. Gone are the days when “self published” was synonymous with “not good enough to get signed by a real publisher”. The Internet has put power back in the hands of artists – it is an exciting time to be a writer! To quote the philosopher Dylan, “The times they are a changin’”

What he said!

  • We have started doing all the things a publisher would ordinarily do, (hiring a cover designer, writing blurbs for the front and back of the book, formatting  the text for e-reader platforms, etc). It’s a lot of work but that’s mostly because we’re new at this. We are learning as we work, which is thrilling and frustrating in equal measure. We’re also doing all the other stuff we would have done anyway, (building a website, planning marketing strategies, shamelessly promoting ourselves whenever possible).  Agent Extraordinaire, Morty Mint, is onboard as well and has offered  lots of advice . Sometimes I even follow said advice! Oh, and we’re doing all this with pretty much no budget. Because we love challenges…right?


So here we are, publishing our first novel all by ourselves! We’ve set a tentative launch date for the end of September. The manuscript is ready to go but everything else is still very much “under construction”.  However, because all my Nutters are so special to me, I’m going to give you all a preview  of the book’s back cover blurb. The title of our little epic is Warpworld and one editor described it as a “sci-fi/fantasy mash up”, which  I think is a very cool description. There’s a healthy dose of adventure, a dash of romance, and the seeds of political intrigue that sprout as the series goes on.

There are no vampires. There may be some rough sex.

Oh, so now I have your attention, huh?

Well then, without further ado, the back cover blurb…

How far would you go…

On his first crossing through the warps, Seg discovers a world rich in vita – fuel to save his dying world. Cold, brilliant and desperate to prove himself as a Cultural Theorist, Seg breaks away from the recon squad sent to protect him, to scout out prime vita sources. But to find his prize he must face his biggest fear: water.

Fiery and headstrong, Ama receives an ultimatum from her people’s tyrannical overlords: betray her own kind or give up the boat she calls home, forever.  When a wealthy traveler hires her as a guide, Ama thinks her prayers are answered – until a violent murder reveals Seg’s true identity.

On the run, over land and water, hunted by a ruthless and relentless tracker, and caught in the schemes of a political powerhouse, Seg and Ama will have to strike an uneasy truce to survive.

The fate of two worlds is in their hands.

Oh boy, I can’t wait to read it and find our what happens! Oh…wait…

Until next time, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!

The Princess

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