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Seeds vs Nails

Raise your hand if you think you are racist. I can’t see you but my guess is your hand is down. My guess is most people, when asked if they are racist, would say no. I would say no. And … Continue reading

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We Are Still Fighting

“Not another discussion about strong women in fiction! Haven’t we covered this topic a billion times already?” This is the response I imagine some of you will have to today’s Chronicle. I’ll even toss in a few eye rolls and … Continue reading

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Spotlight On: Creative Ink Festival

In the spring of 2015, the Creative Ink Festival held a one-day, “sneak peek” event, to give local readers, writers, and artists a taste of what to expect in 2016. Well, the main event is almost here and I am … Continue reading

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The Is-ness of Writing

I have almost eaten the elephant. Draft number two of the third Warpworld book is almost complete. It is a mammoth beast, spanning three worlds, with a plethora of perfectly paralleled plotlines. Say that last bit ten times fast, I … Continue reading

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Calling All History Nerds!

I’m putting out a call for help with research for my next novel. This one will be just little ol’ me at the helm, though Josh has already been oodles of help and I’m sure I’ll be tapping him on … Continue reading

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Spotlight on: Megan McLeod – Playing With Her Food

Dearest Nutters, My apologies for abandoning my post(s) for so long. There was the push to get the next novel out (almost there), the frantic work on book #3 (about 1/3 into the first draft), a whirlwind trip to Worldcon … Continue reading

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Jack and Jill Rising

“What do you do?” We all know this question. It’s one of those conversation starting points. By determining someone’s occupation, we can make a few assumptions about them and we gain a starting point for other conversation topics. For some … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Middle-Age Housewife

Hello again from Home! As the title indicates, I have a confession. A few, actually. Those who know me well, prepare yourselves, this will come as a shock. Confession #1 – I have learned how to cook. Oh dear, I … Continue reading

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Orange is the Colour of Vanity

Hello from Mountain Mecca and Hippie Heaven! Talk about your whirlwind tours! Wow. A frantic scramble to prepare my manuscript for the Surrey International Writer’s Conference (SIWC), long drive back to Surrey and snacks at the Kozak Mansion, eight straight … Continue reading

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