Calling All History Nerds!

Calling history buffsI’m putting out a call for help with research for my next novel. This one will be just little ol’ me at the helm, though Josh has already been oodles of help and I’m sure I’ll be tapping him on the shoulder for help now and then all the time.

The story is still fairly nebulous in my cranium but historical events will play a big role.  SO! Here’s what I need from you, dear Nutters…

1. Quirky historical events. The weirder the better. For example, did you know the the first bomb dropped on Germany in World War II killed the only elephant at the Berlin Zoo? Quirky, right?

2. Historical events that most of us “get wrong”. We all know how famous events/people/quotes get smoothed over or embellished over time, I’m looking for the real stories behind the one we all know. For example: Based on the known facts, it is highly unlikely Marie Antoinette ever said, “Let them eat cake!” (Thanks, Josh!)

The doors are wide open on this so feel free to bombard me! Anywhere or anywhen, it’s all good. You can leave your comments here or email me at clubfredbaja[at]gmail dot com. I plan to acknowledge everyone who helped, so if you’d like a mention make sure I know your name.

Many, many thanks in advance!


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4 Responses to Calling All History Nerds!

  1. arogers907 says:

    Did you know that Herbert Hoover isn’t responsible for the “a chicken in every pot” slogan that is frequently attributed to him? Sadly so, in that the Great Depression struck the year after his election? The Republican National Committee ran an add that paraphrased a saying from France’s Henry IV who said (in French), “If God keeps me, I will make sure that there is no sharecropper in my kingdom who does not have the means to have a chicken in the pot every Sunday.”

    This was notable because, while chicken is the affordable meet of our age, chickens were incredibly valuable. They made eggs. But once you eat a chicken, you got no more eggs. So you had to be pretty wealthy to eat a chicken. The other reason that this was a pretty bold claim is that many songbirds had been hunted to near extinction for soup stock. The domestication of runty little chickens provided the promise of a sustainable source of protein in France, economic prosperity as we dove into the Great Depression, and the abomination that is buckets of KFC.

    PS: Some of this might actually be true.

  2. arogers907 says:

    Did you know that the US bought Alaska from Russia for $0.02 per acre? The deal, signed in 1867, was dubbed “Seward’s Folly” after Secretary of State, William Seward. Many thought the 7.2 million was a waste of money.

    … of course then we stumbled onto the gold, copper, and oil.

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