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Tapping My Way Home

Ooooooooo, Roxy Roller. When I hear those lyrics in my mind, I am transported to my friend Tania’s basement in the late 1970’s. Her parents had not finished their basement, so the plywood floors became our roller rink. We cranked … Continue reading

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Kickers vs Huggers

The phrase “tough love” is believed to have originated from the title of Bill Milliken’s book “Tough Love”, in 1968. It has since become a catch phrase for any kind of stern, blunt, cold, punitive, and even harmful way of … Continue reading

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Who Will You Love?

When it comes to empathy, I was late to the party. I arrived to find the presents opened and the cake mostly eaten.  I was embarrassed at my inexcusable tardiness. Lately, empathy has been occupying a significant chunk of space … Continue reading

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