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Stray Dogs and Immigrants

On Friday, February 24th I spent a few hours volunteering for the SPCA’s annual Bake a Difference fundraiser. The event is tied in with National Cupcake Day. Helping animals and eating cupcakes, could there be a better way to spend … Continue reading

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Wherein the Author Confronts Depression

11:59 December 31, 2006. I am pleasantly pickled, among friends, counting down the end of the year. There are hugs and kisses. So much laughter. I am as drunk on laughter as I am on champagne. Three days later, I … Continue reading

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Starting Over…Again

Last week, on a beach walk with a visiting friend, we spoke of the big changes in our lives and how we were coping with the upheaval. Trish and her husband John had just been settling in to their Vernon … Continue reading

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The Road

You say, “The Road won’t win this time. I will nail my feet to the ground. I will hold fast. I will be normal.” You make plans and you imagine yourself the star of a movie where nothing changes and … Continue reading

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All She Wants To Do

Let’s dance! What emotion do those words trigger in you? Joy? Trepidation? Terror? On Saturday night, Prez and I went to a Halloween dance. I have not gone out dancing in a very long time. It’s been even longer since … Continue reading

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That Kid Who Changed My Life

You see that kid? The one in white, putting the beat down-on the piñata? That kid changed my life. Some of you have heard this story before. I would apologize for the repetition but this is not just any story. … Continue reading

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What It Means (To Me)

I’ve been trying to write a profound wrap-up to our latest Baja adventure. Drafts have ranged from sarcastic to sappy but none have captured “it”—the essence of the experience, the lessons learned, the feel of returning to a place that … Continue reading

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What the Heart Wants

“If home is where the heart is, you’ll find mine in pieces along the road.” This is not my city. I have never lived here. I come for supplies, groceries, meals, communication with the outside world, and the occasional event, … Continue reading

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The Two Most Powerful Words In The World

Over the past fifteen years, beginning in 1998, Prez and I have driven through Baja, California at least ten times. Each time, before we leave, one or more well-meaning people express concern for our safety. What they know about Mexico—through … Continue reading

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The Plane It Never Come

The most memorable trips are the ones where everything goes wrong. These words, from a friend, have proved hilariously true over the years. It’s not that I don’t remember the good trips, the ones where everything went perfectly and fun … Continue reading

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