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Earned Smiles Only

“A lot of times, the world wants the smile of a woman, especially black women…and I wanted to make sure everyone she comes across in this show has to earn her smile. You’re not going to just get it.” ~ … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about last words, about what I’d like to pass on in my final few Coconut Chronicles. I don’t know if it matters. It’s likely, in the long run, it won’t make any difference to anyone but me. … Continue reading

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The Time Has Come…

Lately this space has not been a welcoming one for me. I used to love my Chronicles. I loved them while Fred and I were traveling and this was a place to record our adventures. I loved them when we … Continue reading

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20 Questions

Does everyone have a secret? Why does cheese taste better when it’s grated? If memory is imperfect and we see the world subjectively, is every person on the planet living a different reality? When my cats and I talk to … Continue reading

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Starting Over…Again

Last week, on a beach walk with a visiting friend, we spoke of the big changes in our lives and how we were coping with the upheaval. Trish and her husband John had just been settling in to their Vernon … Continue reading

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18 Things No One Told Me About Being an Adult

I don’t know if this is a list of things I wish someone had told me when I was young or if people told me these things and I didn’t listen. Or maybe it’s a list of things about being … Continue reading

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The Goodbye Club

A week ago I woke up from one of those dreams that felt so real the transition back to waking life was disorienting for several minutes. In the dream, I was walking down a sunlit street. A parade was going … Continue reading

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They’re baaaaaaaaack…

Hello from the land of whales, Wallys & wetness!   To all my regular Chronicle readers…welcome back! You have NO idea how much I’ve missed you. And to those of you just reading for the first time let me give … Continue reading

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