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Princess’s BIG Bus Adventure in 3D, With Maps and Stuff!

I’m a transportation snob. I will travel by train, plane, car, boat, bicycle, hovercraft, covered wagon, rickshaw, or elephant, but I will not travel by bus. Even the Skytrain is pushing it. I came by my snobbishness honestly. Growing up … Continue reading

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What I Read On My Winter Vacation

Hello again from Home! Happy Chocolate Bunny Holiday, Nutters. I hope you’re all enjoying the start of spring and the return of that bright shiny thing in the sky. If you watched the video of my recent Baja adventure, in … Continue reading

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Lit-tastic Awardsapalooza Extravaganarium 2012!

Hello from Chez Roney! Once again, Patty-Cakes and Martha have been kind (foolish) enough to take in the poor, the sick, the huddled masses. Or, well…us. And by sick, I do mean SICK. For those who have not been following … Continue reading

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I Was Wild About Harry…and Gary

Hello again from Home! I have been on a rollercoaster since the last Coconut Chronicle. On the uphill ride – the book launched to lots of local fanfare. I basked in my 15 minutes of Nelson fame with newspaper articles, … Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice and Publishing

Hello again from Home! “We’re self published”. Why do I still cringe inwardly whenever I speak those words or whenever someone asks me why Josh and I chose that route? No amount of praise seems to take away that feeling … Continue reading

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Genius, Power, Magic…and Warpworld

Hello from the Home of a Published Author! Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness  has genius, power and magic in it. The words belong to Goethe but they sit at the top of the Peak … Continue reading

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Workin’ 9 to 5…or 6 to 10

Hello from a Swingin’ Swanky Pad! Don’t let that salutation fool you, Prez and me have not jetted off to some exotic island, nor have we won the lottery. Thanks to a tennis buddy, we lined up an out-of-town job … Continue reading

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