Hiatus schmiatus

Hello again from Home!

A very snowy home, I might add. (Actually, I did add). I’m on hiatus. I like that word ‘hiatus’; it sounds so much more professional and important than ‘doing nothing’.

Book one is out of my hands and into the hands of the editors and my writing group who are hard at work slogging through its 480 pages. On January 16th, they will offer a critique. After that, final revisions will likely be made before it gets sent out to hopefully find a publisher. Until then, there’s really nothing more to do on it.

A few nights ago, Josh and I finished the rough draft for book three. It was a glorious moment. A complicated series of plot lines came together in a satisfying-yet-cliff-hanging finale. High fives all around. And since my writing buddy was facing final exams for the 37 college courses he is taking, (many of which involve numbers and equations…ick), we decided we should take a break from the writing work until his schedule is not so hectic and he thus feels less inclined to torture me by sharing algebraic algorithms, (the horror, the horror).

It is the smart, logical, rational decision and only fair given the demands of his rigorous course load…

And I’m BORED!

My brain feels like a six-year-old boy, on a sugar high, locked in a bare room. It doesn’t help that we are buried beneath ten feet of snow here, either.*

But it’s not so much boredom as petulance. I mean there are plenty of things I could do, just not any that I want to do. I want my obsession. Want, want, want! (Insert mental image of me stamping my feet). I want to lie awake at 3am running scenes in my head, contemplating character histories, figuring out which actors should be cast as which characters in the film and what I will wear to the premier.** I want to flood Josh’s inbox with emails such as:

Tuesday, 12:16pm
Subject: Hey

Hey, I was thinking, that fight scene should really happen before the other scene. What do you think?

Tuesday, 12:20pm
Subject: On Second thought

No, let’s put the other scene first. Thoughts?

Tuesday, 12:27pm
Subject: I’m an idiot

Of course the fight scene has to come first because we have to get our main characters to the cave before the other scene happens. LOL. Thoughts?

Tuesday, 12:30pm
Subject: Lunch

Mmm, I’m having a sandwich for lunch. What are you eating? Are you there?

Tuesday, 12:31pm
Subject: Hey II

Why haven’t you answered my emails yet???

p.s. I’m thinking we should delete the fight scene. Thoughts?

Ah, those were the days. Now I climb onto my ugly old floral couch and stare longingly at a blinking cursor. Oh sure, I’m working on the first draft of the second book, finishing some short stories that have been too long neglected, and watching funny cat videos on YouTube, but it all lacks the manic energy that drives me when I’m working to meet some deadline or writing furiously to reach the ‘end’ of the story.

Imagine James Bond retired, wandering around the nursing home desperately hoping one of the residents will have orthopedic shoes with knives that pop out of the toes, or maybe one of the nurses, with a name such as ‘Lyka Blowalot’, will try to seduce him before she slips a drug into his prune juice. That’s me. Mission-less.

Pfft. Hiatus sucks.

Oh well, at least I have this…***

Until next time, I hope this finds you healthy, happy and lovin’ life!
The Princess

* The author is prone to exaggeration

** The author is prone to delusions

*** The author needs a life

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  1. Beckster says:

    Take up accounting 🙂

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