I Smell Art

Hello again from Home!

I’m not going to write about writing today. Ha! Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Today I am going to write about art.

What? Look, we don’t have a boat anymore, there aren’t roosters to kill, I don’t even get to ride a scooter. The most adventurous thing I do anymore is start a paragraph with a gerund, (which my editor hates, BTW).

So what is art? You think you know? Well think again! This past weekend we had the pleasure of playing Nelson tour guides to Willow (of Weddingfest fame) and Greg, her dad. Since Greg’s band was playing a gig in nearby Kaslo, the Beckster was kind enough to put him and Willow up in the chalet and we got to spend some quality time hanging with our Aitutaki/Vancouver Island buddies.

Even better, we were able to watch Greg and his band, The Eccelstons, perform in concert at the historical Langham Theater. The Langham, which is cute as the proverbial button, not only has a theater but also an art gallery and a museum. (Didn’t get to see the museum but we hear it’s cool). On this weekend, the art gallery was hosting an out of town artist and her exhibit (is that what you call it?) in which she explored light and colour. The nice lady at the front desk invited us to wander into the room put aside for the guest artist and warned us, “Don’t turn on the lights! Let your eyes adjust and see what she’s done with light and colour.”

Our collective curiosity’s piqued, we headed forth into the artistic unknown. What marvels of light and colour awaited us?


The first few pieces were…underwhelming but we were a forgiving bunch (and a hungry bunch, too, the drive to Kaslo having taken much longer than Prez and his failing memory recalled, and having robbed us of dinner). However, by the time we reached the piece “Red”, all efforts at art appreciation vanished. Said piece was a red light that was pointed at a wall. Then there was the blue light shining on a log, and the white light shining on a jar with some crystals in it, (“The Smell of Purple” according to the descriptive tag). Now, I’m no Picasso but…come on. Shouldn’t ‘art’ entail some sort of effort or…um…skill?

Thankfully, the musical portion of our evening was infinitely more rewarding. With this “full contact folk” trio belting out tunes and strumming their instruments with fire and zeal and, (most importantly), skill, the crowd was clapping and stomping and occasionally singing along – even the woman in the front row who’d brought her knitting with her, (hey, it’s Kaslo).

I may not know art but I’m quite sure I know talent. And our friend Greg has loads of it.

I wish I had a video of their Celtic version of “Stayin’ Alive” but this song is every bit as toe tapping. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Ecclestons perform “Life Goes On”, (or as I like to call it “The Sound of Yellow”)…

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