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Sins of the Grandfather

My Grandmother, on my mother’s side, lived with me for all of my childhood and to this day I do not know my grandfather’s name. While organizing some of the boxes I kept from my Dad’s place, I came across … Continue reading

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Panic in the Control Room

February 2, 2016 Today I’m writing from the base of Mount Shasta, in California, in the world’s most comfortable chair, looking out over a trout pond ringed by patches of snow and sturdy pines. This is the second-to-last stop on … Continue reading

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Bounce Bounce Bounce

At a tennis lesson two weeks ago, the coach gave us a little talk about the importance of positive self talk while on the court. Even the best in the world are not immune to those moments when flubbing an … Continue reading

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Yes, I Have a Problem

At 3am in Las Vegas, vomiting Asian Lettuce Wraps and Don Julio tequila into a hotel bathrobe, four words came through my drunken fog loud and clear: I need to stop. Four little words that I recognized, even in the … Continue reading

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Me and the Great Big Ocean

Another New Year’s Eve approaches. Another, likely futile, attempt on my part to stay up until midnight. This year Prez and I are in the same place, with the same people, as the year before. Nothing has changed and everything … Continue reading

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The Road

You say, “The Road won’t win this time. I will nail my feet to the ground. I will hold fast. I will be normal.” You make plans and you imagine yourself the star of a movie where nothing changes and … Continue reading

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I had this idea for a really long blog post about how I’ve been having more and more moments of happiness lately and how I can finally feel the magic power of time starting to do its thing. I thought … Continue reading

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The Goodbye Club

A week ago I woke up from one of those dreams that felt so real the transition back to waking life was disorienting for several minutes. In the dream, I was walking down a sunlit street. A parade was going … Continue reading

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That Day I Went Crazy

I threw eggs into the forest today. My dad died from complications of pneumonia on July 25th, forty-seven days after my sister died. I think I’m in shock though it feels deeper and stranger than that. Robert—“Bob”—Marrington was born on … Continue reading

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Not Only Sun

I want to talk about my grief. I don’t want to talk about my grief. I don’t want pity for the sake of pity. I don’t want to be handled or coddled or treated as frail. I don’t want people … Continue reading

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