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Spotlight On: Creative Ink Festival

In the spring of 2015, the Creative Ink Festival held a one-day, “sneak peek” event, to give local readers, writers, and artists a taste of what to expect in 2016. Well, the main event is almost here and I am … Continue reading

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Our Story

My swirling thoughts have been swirly-er than usual lately. Traveling through the lands to the south of my lovely-yet-frigid homeland always puts me in the path of people with different—sometimes wildly different—perspectives and views than mine. For all our similarities, … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Magic… Why I’m done with Star Wars

Raise your hand if this scenario sounds familiar… You go to a place. Maybe the place is a bar, or a restaurant, an annual event, a hotel, a vacation spot, a party. Any kind of place, really, where other people … Continue reading

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All That I Do Not Know

And so I return from WorldCon, awash in the glow of camaraderie and inspiration, with the lingering scent of stale gin. There were all the usual Breakfast Squad shenanigans, interesting panels, and of course the Hugo drama. I’ll save the … Continue reading

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Trusting the Earth to Hold You Up

Yoga is hard. Make all the jokes you want—and I’ve made plenty since I moved to Hippie Heaven, Nelson, BC—a good yoga class is a bonafide workout in every sense of the word. I have not done a lot of … Continue reading

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The Time It Takes

Josh and I are approaching the end of the first draft of our fourth Warpworld novel. With each new installment, our process is refined and our efficiency improves. I anticipate a final draft, ready for publication, in early 2016. My … Continue reading

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Writing Between the Falling Bombs

In the spring of 1999, Novak Djokovic was playing tennis in an empty swimming pool. When air raid sirens sounded, he, his coach and his fellow players would run for the nearest bomb shelter and wait until it was safe … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Cinderella

What do Sad Puppies, Crocodile Dundee and cardboard puppets have in common? No, it’s not a joke. All of the above have recently caused me to consider the evolution of stories. Last night I attended a performance of Ramshackle Theatre’s … Continue reading

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How Life Goes On The Way It Does

During the brief time I lived in Japan, I became intimately familiar with karaoke. Outside of Tokyo, English songs were scarce, and dated, but since I was often the only gaijin at any gathering it was my official duty to … Continue reading

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Radio 101 for Authors – How to get on the air and shine once you’re there

In November 2014, I was interviewed by Anthony Sanna on Kootenay Morning about an upcoming indie publishing workshop I was teaching and about the latest book in the Warpworld series. A few weeks after that interview, Anthony emailed and asked … Continue reading

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