Playing Catch…Up Part II

Hello again from Home!


I guess I never did get around to Part II of my catch up. Life moves so quickly here in civilization.


Well, to summarize, we had short but very fun visits with family and friends, dividing our stays between Mom’s place on the island, and the Kozak Mansion and Casa Roney on the mainland. The family reunion I wrote of, way back when, happened at the Ford dealership because we were in the all-day-long process of buying a truck. (Thanks to my nephew, Sean, for hooking us up with that deal, by the way.)


If there’s a reoccurring theme for our visits to the coast it is that, no matter how well we plan, there’s never enough time. Kozy once said, “You guys are like a tornado blowing through and we all just try to grab a little piece as you go by”. We did manage to visit almost everyone we wanted to see but, yes, it did feel like little pieces, which always leaves me a bit sad.


Part of the problem is that the “city” has also become the place where we get all of the chores and shopping done that we can’t do in the small places we choose to live. Another part of the problem is that we’re trying to work around a plethora of schedules of working friends and family. And of course you have the issue of distance and transportation. On Aitutaki and even in Nelson, not many people are more than a ten-minute drive away. In the city, you not only have to factor in distance but timing as well, thanks to rush hour traffic. Add to that, the fact that Prez and I share one, very large, truck between us, (thanks Sean!), and it makes for some confusing time management.


I must say, I did ride the Skytrain a few times on this latest venture, something I haven’t done for over a decade, and I was fairly impressed. For a flat rate I could ride around all day and the trains were warm and clean. Safety was one of my concerns, and while I’m sure things might have felt different at 1am on a Saturday, I was happily surprised to find I felt completely at ease on all of my trips.


One of my Skytrain adventures was to Richmond, to visit my Sista Deb, which meant I had to transfer to the new train, the one that goes out to the airport. Wow, talk about fast! During this latest get-together with my much-missed friend, she was preparing for her daughter Maya’s Sweet 16 party, which, from the plans she shared with me, made my sweet 16 look like amateur hour.


Excuse me while I pout a minute.


Kidding, kidding. Seriously, Deb and Ron have raised an amazing, funny, talented and beautiful young woman who deserves a celebration. Mind you, the aforementioned parents also deserve some kind of reward for all the work they do shuttling the mini-superstar back and forth between school, basketball games, dance performances, film auditions, specialized study classes, etc, etc…etc. Whew, I’m tired just writing it all out!


Somewhere in the middle of our tornado visit, I managed to squeeze in a first meeting with my brother Glen. Most of you know I was adopted at birth. My biological mom and I made written contact almost 15 years ago and I have also exchanged letters and emails with my two half sisters and my half brother, Glen, on and off over the years. I never did meet my bio mom in person before she passed away, nor had I met any of my half siblings, (see: tornado blowing through town).


But this time around, the stars, (and schedules), aligned and I found myself in a Starbucks, near Robson Street, hugging my blonde, ridiculously muscular brother for the first time ever. It was a very cool moment and Glen is a wonderful guy. I’m so glad I finally made the time, however brief, for this meeting.


And there’s just so much more to tell. Too much, I’m afraid. Oh well, if my biggest problem is that there are too many good people in my life to spend all the time I want with, people I love and who love me, then I’d say I’m doing OK.


And where are we now?


Prez and I just returned from another tornado visit, this time to Red Deer, for brother Kip’s 50th birthday.

The Perron kids all grown up…yes, I joined this family by choice, lol.

The last few years have been all about fiftieths. All of our siblings have now crossed the five-oh line. Last night was the annual Solstice party at the Thurstons, and in a few days we will head to the chalet with the Ripsters, (now also known as “Timecky”) and the Fullpots for a very chilled, Nelson-style Xmas.


Sometime in the near future, we plan on actually working.


(Note to Prez: the above was a joke, yes I know you have been working your tail off. LOL)

Prez working, shoveling snow at the chalet, for Timecky

The Princess staying warm while Prez works…


I wanted to write a little something here about how good it is to be settled but it turns out we will be moving again soon. The owner of this apartment has sold it and so we will have to pack up, yet again, and relocate. (Address #248, for those who are counting). However, as long as we are in Nelson, I will always feel I am home.


QUESTION: Is there ever enough time?


Until next time, I hope this finds you healthy, happy, lovin’ life and enjoying the holidays!

The Princess

Happy Holidays everyone, from the Puffy Coated Princess!

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