With my permission…

Hello again from Home!


It has been brought to my attention, by a few Nutters, that I have been slacking in the Chronicle department. Yes, I am aware of this. (Picture me looking very ashamed here.)


I have, however, been ignoring my Coconut Chronicles for good reason. Prez and I, with some help from a friend, managed to land a big – I mean really big – web design job. We were working on a deadline and of course, for those of you who know Prez, that meant we had to work our arses off to beat the deadline.


The project was fun and we learned a lot. Mostly I learned that my husband can use the F word about 56 times per day…sometimes per hour. For those of you who want a peek, here’s the site www.sureslim.ca


At about the same time Prez and me launched into this project, I started on a project of my own.


But first, I sat down with the novel manuscript I’ve been half-heartedly working on for the past two years and we had a long talk.


Me: I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you so much.

Manuscript: Is it my verbs? My pacing? My characters?

Me: No…really, it’s not you, it’s me.

Manuscript: You used to love me.

Me: And I still do, I just think we need some time apart.

Manuscript: You’ve found another story, haven’t you?

Me: Well…

Manuscript: (Sobbing) I knew it. How could I compete with my worn out plot lines.

Me: I’ll always think fondly of you.

Manuscript: Don’t touch me! Just go! Go!


So, for the moment, the old manuscript and I have gone our separate ways. Meanwhile, I have taken up with a new, exciting manuscript that has me head over heels in love. Shameless, I know but I’m so happy.


But before I could be happy, I had to give myself permission to be happy. Sounds strange, doesn’t it?


Think about this…


Have you ever finally gone ahead and done something in your life, something that you thought you shouldn’t do for whatever reason, and then wondered why you waited so long to do that thing? I think, sometimes, we fail to give ourselves permission to do what we need to do.


For example, I have long struggled with balancing my need to write with my need/want to spend free time with Prez. Even though we work together and see each other all the time, we often miss out on “play” time together, which makes it hard for me, when I find us both with free time, to go off into the Cave and write. No matter how much he assures me he’s cool with it, I still feel like I’m abandoning my husband.


But here’s the thing…


If I don’t go off into the Cave and write, I’ll never get any manuscript finished.


So, I’ve given myself permission to be a bad wife, to ignore my wonderful Prez in favour of my laptop and my crazy imagination. I’ve also given myself permission to put aside my anal sense of organization, (as is evident by the stacks of papers awaiting filing in my cupboard and my ever-full email inbox). I have missed meals and skipped days at the gym. I’ve woken up at 3am, head buzzing, and have allowed myself the decadence of getting up and writing for an hour or two instead of the saner option of making myself go back to sleep.


In short, I have given myself permission to make just about everything take second place behind my writing.


And it feels really, really good.


Mind you, I haven’t been a monk – we are back in the playground that is Nelson, after all. We had a wonderful Xmas with the Ripsters and the Fullpots, out at the chalet, complete with a traditional Nepalese dinner, courtesy of Beckster. The Ripsters have done their best to tempt us away from the office whenever possible, even inviting us along for a fun-packed couple of days at Big White ski resort. We had a blast and had the added bonus of catching up with Ironwoman Benson in the big city of Kelowna. It’s been far, far too long since I’ve seen my old triathlon training partner and friend and I’m pleased to report she is just as sexy and charming and funny as ever. The five of us went out to see Avatar in 3D.


WOW. Just…wow. (Go see it!)


Our big project has now ended, though we have a few more irons in the fire and I’m sure we’ll be back to long days in the office again soon.


And in the meantime, I’ll be in the Cave, if anyone needs me.


QUESTION: What have you given yourself permission to do?


Until next time, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!

The Princess


The girls hanging at the chalet…


Dinner with the Fullpots and the Ripsters

Yum, yum!!

Big White lives up to its name…

Hockey night in Canada…

Is that the best you’ve got Gretsky??

No, really, we’re on “vacation”…



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