4am at World Fantasy Con

In a few days, when I have returned home and processed everything, I will write a long and detailed post about my time in Washington, DC at the World Fantasy Convention. But right now, at 4am, having just returned to my room, six hours past my usual bedtime, I want to capture my raw feelings about another precious chunk of time spent with my tribe.

For most of the year, I squeeze my round peg into a square hole, happily and without complaint, because I am grateful for all the wonderful people and experiences life has put in my path. For a few days, however, I get to hang out with my round peg friends. Here, I am not weird. Here, I get to be my full uncensored self.

It takes a lot of work and sacrifice to make it to these conventions, not to mention the love and support of my husband, to whom I owe so much–and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. These days take forever to arrive and before I know it they’re over. And yet…

And yet.

I go home a richer person and my round peg friends are the lights that shine on me every day. Thank you all and until next time…I love you.


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