Whose Nose?

Hello again from the Big Blue!


My bags are packed and I’m on my way. Correction, my bag, singular, is packed. This will be a short jaunt to Auckland – a day and a half, to be precise. Just enough time to eat a few treats, get the “girls” checked out, have a bubble bath, go out for dinner with fellow feline fancier Jo, and pick up a few groceries.


I’ll have a full report upon my return but this Coconut Chronicle I wanted to talk about something a little different…


Out of the blue, not too long ago, Prez received an email from an old friend I’ll call CD. They were ski bums together is Vail, Colorado, many moons ago. I know it was fun for Prez to catch up and CD sounds like a really nice fellow.


About two weeks after CD’s email, we received a huge care package from him. Talk about your welcome surprises! There was chocolate for me, licorice for Prez, beef jerky, smoked almonds, sunflower seeds, and much, much more. For two people who have come to look upon grocery shopping as the single most depressing chore we have, this box was exactly the kind of cheer we needed. If you’re reading this CD, a million, billion thank you’s!!


Also in the box were a couple of local, Vail papers. This is always a treat for me. I love reading newspapers and it was especially cool to read news from beyond the rock. However, as I was scanning the pages, (and happily chewing on sunflower seeds), something stopped my eyes in their tracks. Down in the left hand side of one page was an ad for a plastic surgery center and in bold print was this…


“Rhinoplasty for Your High School Graduate”


Beside that little teaser were two photos, a before and after, of a pretty, young woman who’d apparently had some nose work done. Here’s what got me, if I had seen those two photos without the advertisement alerting me to their purpose, I never would have noticed the nose job. The difference between the before and after is so minimal, I had to look at it several times to make sure this wasn’t a prank.


Nope, no prank.


What the heck? Am I the only one who sees through this? Teenage girls, who hate what they look like no matter what they look like, are now being encouraged to surgically alter their face before they’ve even had a chance to live with it long enough to make that kind of decision.


I’m not going to stand up on the soapbox and rant about plastic surgery. If you are unhappy with your body and feel that the only way to change how you feel is to physically alter yourself then fine, more power to you. When it comes to kids though, plastic surgery makes me very nervous.


If my parents had been wealthy enough and had I been shown how “easy” it is to change yourself, there are all kinds of things I would have changed about my body when I was a teen. My nose would have been shrunk, likewise my upper jaw (the one that gives me my gummy smile), I’d have asked for more prominent cheekbones, a smaller butt and bigger breasts. If it could have been arranged, I’d also have loved longer, thicker hair, darker skin, less moles, Feet that never smell, longer fingers, nails that don’t break, hairless legs and armpits, and eyes about two shades bluer. Oh and I would have demanded to be made two inches shorter, (all the popular, pretty girls were tiny).


Now, at nearly forty, I can honestly say there are few things I would change about my body and none I’m motivated to spend any money on or go under the knife for. I love my height. My breasts may not qualify me for the Playboy mansion but they allow me to jog without feeling as if I’m carrying two sacks of flour. There never was anything wrong with the size of my nose. My gummy smile has become so much a part of me that I would hate to lose it. My hair may not be long and thick but it’s soft and silky. About the only thing I really dislike are a few moles, (it’s a texture issue), and those can easily be “zapped” away at the doctor’s office.


I’m no supermodel but I don’t want to be. It took me a lot of years to figure that out.


I am a realist though. Yes, there were kids in my highschool for whom a nose job or some other surgical fix would have helped immensely in the gladiatorial arena that makes up the teen social scene. But, then, where do you draw the line? Do we want schools full of homogenous but beautiful Stepford children?


Beauty is dangerous. Too much of it, too early, can rob young girls of the opportunity to develop other aspects of themselves. As much as it sucks to admit, strength is gained through adversity, so is wisdom.


These surgeons pimping their services out to teen girls are scum, in my eyes. Give them a chance to grow up before you start slicing them open.


Beauty may only be skin deep but it’s their skin and I say keep your scalpels off of it!


QUESTION: Would you let your teenage daughter get plastic surgery?


Until next time, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!
The Princess

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1 Response to Whose Nose?

  1. Unknown says:

    Hi!! It is McKenna Esteb!! I miss u guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!! I wish i was still in the Cook Islands they were so relaxing and beautiful! I am VERY happy w/ my nose!! Haha I miss the hermit crabs too!!! Love McKenna!! By the way the Esteb family thinks you have a BEAUTIFUL nose!! LOVE THE ESTEB FAMILY!!

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