Island Fever Breaks

Hello again from the Big Blue!


Sorry for my long absence but I’m in the middle of a creative frenzy. As of now, we are full for most of the next five months, which means I’ll have to cram writing time in wherever I can. I’ll try to post as often as possible just to let you know we’re still alive and well.


Good news! We’ve survived our second soul-melting Aitutaki summer. Honestly, I think anyone who achieves this should be given a medal or a plaque or something. When talking to other folks about it, it feels like we’ve all just come out of a thick fog. All of a sudden we can see each other again and we’re all a little giddy.


“I put a sheet on last night!”


“I can drink hot tea in the morning again!”


“Look, it’s noon and I’m not covered in sweat!”


Ah, happy days are here again. No wonder working with a steaming hot laptop doesn’t throw me into a fit of despair anymore. Hoo-bloody-ray!


News? One of my short-short stories will be coming out in May in small literary journal called Barbaric Yawp.


We’ve been out of pretty much everything on the island for most of April but we’re getting by. Some wonderful guests gave us a bottle of real Canadian maple syrup as a gift and another lovely guest baked scones almost every day and shared them with me. YUM!


I’ve found another lump in my breast. Monday I will be calling New Zealand to make arrangements for a mammogram/ultra sound. It’s probably just another cyst but better safe than sorry. (Those of you in civilization don’t ever take good, close health care for granted!)


Two days ago, all of the guests on the property were from BC – Invemere, Burnaby and Bamfield. How weird is that?


We are now #1 in Trip Advisor. When we arrived here, we were #7 our of 12 and I made it my mission to get us to the top spot. The recent reviews are amazing. They make me feel very proud and very humble at the same time. You can read them here: Trip Advisor Reviews.


So, life is cool. Literally and figuratively.


QUESTION: How the heck are you?


Until my next free moment, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!

The Princess 

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