Now With 30% Less Controversy!

again from Mountain Mecca & Hippie Heaven!

week I thought I’d write about the death penalty, gay marriage, abortion, and
legalizing marijuana. NOT. Whew, it’s a lot of work being controversial, how
does Rosie O’Donnell do it??

this week I thought I’d share some randomness with you…I’m feeling very random

movie I raved about in a previous Chronicle, “Sharkwater”, is now out in wide
release. How excited was I to see a huge, glowing, review in The Vancouver Sun
newspaper? Let’s just say there were cartwheels…and we were in a restaurant!
The movie has already won numerous awards and the reviewer gave it four stars.
Here’s some unauthorized quotes (apologies to the writer):

…Sharkwater is guaranteed to make you think
long and hard about the daily decisions you make, and their impact on the world
in general. Specifically, Sharkwater asks the viewer to take a second look at
the toothy predators of the deep, and their longstanding reputation as
ferocious maneaters.”

It’s the shark’s beauty that finally
outweighs all the politics, and it’s also the strongest part of Stewart’s film.
Shot in high definition, the movie is one of the most beautiful underwater
movies ever recorded without the use of IMAX technology, and could easily become
a nature classic.”


Go see

Emily is
recovering from hepatitis. Weird, huh? I took her to the vet after we returned
from Baja for a check up – she just wasn’t herself. The vet was very concerned.
Emily is 14 and she had suddenly lost a lot of weight, was “hiding” in the
bedroom, and was extremely dehydrated. We took blood; the result for her liver
was off the chart, so much so that the vet was positive she had liver cancer as
well as hepatitis. You can imagine how stressed I was. Well, they say evil is
hard to kill; she’s made a full recovery. I have instructions to let her eat as
much as she wants and you better believe she’s milking that one for all it’s
worth. If you’ve never had a cat sit on your head at 3a.m meowing because her dish
is empty, you, my friend, are a very lucky person.

some more things I like about Nelson:

– We go
home to eat lunch. Nothing we need or want is more than 10 minutes away.

– People
on the street routinely say hello and strike up conversations. We have been
building a fence on a fairly busy street and we get a constant flow of
encouragement. “Hey, looking great!”

stuff is everywhere. Today we finished pouring cement and setting the last few
fence posts and the owner of the house came along and set shiny glass beads in
the wet cement; it looked really funky!

-We went
into the office of the local paper just after Xmas, about one of our ads, and
there were letters all over the wall that Nelson kids had written to Santa. One
little girl wrote: “Dear Santa, how are you doing? I’m going to leave you milk
and cookies but I was wondering what kind of milk you would like: cow milk, soy
milk, goat milk, or rice milk?” Isn’t that hysterical? Sooooo Nelson.

The snow
is mostly gone. Good riddance (apologies to skiers)! We have one tiny patch
left on our lawn. As we passed by it on the way to the Rippel’s place for
dinner (mmmmm, creamy, fattening, garlicky pasta) we gave it the finger. It is
sunning out today and the Princess is joyous!

of the Rippels, they just returned from a week in the Dominican Republic. They
travel very much like we do, usually, but this one time they did the
all-inclusive thing. Anyhoo, the Ripster went scuba diving for the very first
time! Hooray!! We watched the DVD of his dive that the resort makes for the
guests. We were simultaneously thrilled to see our good friend making bubbles
and exploring our “turf”, and cringing (we are PADI certified Divemasters,
after all) at the complete lack of safety or training the operation provided.

Roneys also just returned from a sunny getaway. Interestingly, they usually do the all-inclusive route
but this time decided to go it alone (um, they weren’t exactly roughing it, in
a 4 bedroom villa, so don’t feel too sorry for them). Their trip was fab,
apparently, but I’m sure they will now heartily support me when I remind people
to always carry a change of clothes and other necessities in their carry-on

received TWO parcels last week. Have I told you how much I looooooove parcels?
So silly, really. One was from Writer’s Digest magazine and was one of the
books that is part of my prize. The other was from Mom Nancy – who always sends
the BEST parcels. This time she sent a Cross pen for my future book signings
and a book about…a bookstore
. How fun is that? She also recently returned from
vacation – Carribean cruise.

Hey, did
everyone decide to leave town the same two weeks or what??

watched the movie “Borat”. It wasn’t as funny as I thought it was going to be,
but still pretty darn funny. We also went to the Castlegar Theater to see
“300”. Not a lot of subtlety to that flick, but lots and lots of buff beefcakes in leather thongs…yummy!

that’s life this week.

Oh, but
wait. This week, while I was thinking about all the people cheering us on as we
build the fence, I remembered a funny thing that happened about five or six
years ago. Me, Martha, and Cathy (another friend), were out for a long run on
the dike. We had to return to the local golf course parking lot to get to our
cars and little did we know that there was some big fundraising walk/run going
on that morning. So, we come trotting around the corner and here’s all these
people yelling, clapping and cheering us on. Then a band starts playing – I kid
you not. There were balloons and refreshments. They looked at us a little strangely
when we veered off to our car and not to the post-race meeting area. The three
of us all agreed that we would probably enjoy running more if there were always
that kind of support along the way! LOL.

DOH! I almost forgot. CONGRATS to Miss Eng and EJ who have officially decided to make it official and join the ranks of the happily wedded!!! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer, or cuter, couple. Way to go!! (She’s going to kill me when she reads this. Good thing she doesn’t know about the photos I posted at the bottom!)

Well, my
Prez is sleeping – tired after a long, hard week of wondering why he has to
keep showing me how to do the same things over and over and over and over – and
I think I may join him for a nap.

What activity would you most like to have cheerleaders for?

next week, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!


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