The Small Four-Oh

Hello from the Year Forty!


It’s official, I have reached middle age. Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that 40 was “old”, ancient even, and now here I am.


I always imagined my 40th would be marked with some grandiose celebration but here on The Rock that’s pretty much impossible. For Prez, even buying a gift is a Herculean task. “Oh, a coconut bra?! Wow, how did you know?” He came to me the day before, heavy of heart and said, “I really wanted to do something special for you but…” he didn’t need to explain. And I really didn’t care.


For me, just making it to forty, healthy, happy and in love with a great guy is all the present I need.


But then Prez said, “Why don’t we just save your party for Vegas?” Ah, well, that changes everything!


Still, I had a lovely day. I started it by emailing my hubby a naughty photo of myself. Hey, I had to immortalize myself at 39 so he’ll have something to look back on, fondly, when we are old and (more) wrinkly.


Then I surfed on the computer and did some writing while hubby cooked me up my favorite “fluffy French toast” made from the evil, white, cheese bread that’s made locally. I read, I wrote, I napped, I surfed, I enjoyed a luxurious massage followed by a gourmet steak dinner. We watched DVD’s and flaked out. It was a most relaxing day.


To be honest, I’m surprised how cool I feel about turning 40. I’m actually excited about it. I feel as young and enthusiastic about life as I ever have. My general state of mind is much more “chilled” than it was at thirty and I feel as if I have little to prove anymore. No, I haven’t done everything I ever set out to do but that list is ridiculously long and I would need five lifetimes to complete it. Best of all, I still don’t need glasses to read, (knocks many times on wood), which was my biggest wish. (Please, just give me ten more years of 20/20!)


Since life has been somewhat uneventful here, I thought I’d share a few photos highlights of some of our more interesting moments…


In late June the Esther Honey Foundation sent two vets, an assistant and their coordinator over to Aitutaki on a spay and neuter campaign. Prez and I gave a cash donation, provided free accommodation for two of the girls and I spent a day assisting in surgery. It was a crazy day and my hat is off to the vets who were working in very primitive conditions. In 3 ½ days, they managed to desex almost 100 cats and could have done more if there had been more cages available to trap them. Here’s a photo of the operating room…



New on the island is the South Pacific Kite Boarding Centre. A couple of hot dog, Kiwi kite boarders/instructors have partnered up with our friend Michael and opened a groovy little boarder hangout and school on Exile Island. The island is basically just a sandbar but the surrounding water is perfect for kite boarders from beginner to pro. Word is spreading and I won’t be at all surprised if Aitutaki gets itself on the map, in the next few years, as a world class kiting destination.


Here’s Jimmy, one of the owners, in action…


And here’s the other owner, Andrew, with his, Joe, (getting a free kite ride while dad keeps him grounded)…



The Centre…


Fred got his first taste of kite flying and he was a natural, as usual…



And in the cute-but-weird department, I’m beginning to wonder what it is about me that encourages children to touch inappropriately? Have a look at the two cutie pies in this photo…



Innocent, huh? Well, right after we snapped this photo – while strolling along airport beach – the girl closest to me reached up and pushed on the side of my breast. “Niiiiicce,” she said. Next she reached over and patted my stomach. I had to pry our camera and my body from her hands. Some of you may remember the incident in San Carlos, Baja, when the nine-year-old boy grabbed my butt? Equally unsettling.


So what do you call it when you are an adult who is sexually molested by children? Besides “icky”.


And in closing, let me just leave you with The Princess at 39…


QUESTION: Can you still read this without glasses?


Until next time, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!

The 40-year-old Princess



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  1. Mike says:

    Happy Birthday Princess! You don\’t look a day over 29. Love the birthday hat :-))-Mike and Cheri

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