Changing Course

Hello again from the Big Blue!

The tell tale signs of summer are here: tin foil on the bedroom window, pillows hanging on the line (to get rid of that funky smell), extra goodies in the store for Xmas. Ah summer! Once again, the nightly regime of taking an ice pack from the freezer, wrapping it in a tea towel, and stuffing it between my legs to sleep (putting something cold against the femoral artery helps cool the blood circulating through your system – don’t  you love science!). Socks are a memory, as are blankets and, unfortunately, snuggling. Buh-bye romance, see you in June. 

Other signs of summer? The decline in Kiwi and Aussie guests and the rise of Europeans. The end of lettuce and tomatoes but the beginning of mangoes and pineapples. Land crabs littering the roads at night as they make the journey to the water to lay their eggs, (not to mention the occasional stray ending up in our bedroom in the middle of the night). Rain storms. Laundry that never quite dries. Sunburned bums from snorkeling. And we hope not to see a cyclone but ‘tis the season.

Prez and I approach the upcoming season as if preparing for war.  

As a tourist, lounging on the beach, sipping some far-too-fruity drink, with nothing to do but contemplate the next far-too-fruity drink, the heat is not such a big deal. Too hot? Find a shadier spot to do nothing in. But for those of us living our regular lives, in other words working, heat is an enemy. An insidious enemy. You have a cool shower, feel great, sit down to do the month end accounting and the next thing you know you’re waking up in a puddle of drool and sweat and someone has removed all the bones from your body.  

And when it is not sweaty and stifling it is stormy. This is the season of extremes. Thus it only makes sense that I, who promised a wrap up of my vacation back home would suddenly decide to make a one eighty turn and change topics completely.

But first…

One more thank you to the gang back home for giving me the full Princess Treatment. Kozy, sorry things didn’t work out for the planned “Last Supper”. I promise when we come home we’ll let you feed us day and night!

The Rippels are here! The Rippels are here! (So this will be a short one). Yes, we have talked Tim and Becky off the mountains and brought them down to our level, sea level, that is. We have nine days together to catch up on Nelson news and share a bit of paradise. As is only fitting, they touched down in the middle of the worst weather we’ve had here in six months and we’ve had to explain that no, there are usually not waves inside the lagoon. Sigh.


They brought us a popcorn popper! This is a joyous reunion indeed!!!

Oh, and for my last bit of morning news, guests/friends Joe and Willow, (who brought us licorice and Heinz ketchup – another amazing gift!), finished off their stay with us by getting engaged. We celebrated by taking the boat out to a sandbar and spending several hours snorkeling, eating, and drinking. Well, mostly drinking, if you want the truth. Congrats you crazy kids!!!!! When your parents come to visit, we’ll help them plan your wedding. LOL.

Prez is preparing our morning fruit platter and then we have a hard day of frivolity ahead, so I must fly.

QUESTION: What was this Chronicle about anyway???

Until next week, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!


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