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Hello again from Mountain Mecca & Hippie Heaven!
This is your brain:  This is your brain on Writing Overload: . If it makes you feel any better, you are not the only ones I’ve ignored for a week and a half…poor, poor Prez. Sometime he’ll call out to me from the couch in this sad little voice, "Hi, just wanted to let you know I’m still here." To which I reply, "Hmm? Oh yeah, OK, I’m just…" then I drift off and go back to writing. Oh well, the big writer’s conference will be over by this time next week and then, well actually then I begin writing the next novel. Poor, poor Prez!
Life has been weird and wonderful. Here’s some random thoughts…
Had a wonderful visit with Argentians (not to be confused with ‘Argentinians’, not that I have anything against Argentina, I’m sure it’s lovely) Robyn and Glen. Prez was a bad influence on Glen – are any of you shocked? I’m sure he will forever associate the word "Chalet" with the word "hangover". The visit was productive though, we solved all the worlds problems in 24 hours.
I’m officially announcing that Mountain Momma Rippel is going to be my agent/PR person. Not my writing agent, although that would be swell, no, she’s just going to wander around everywhere with me and tell people how great I am. That’s about what happened the day we went for Thai food (mmmmmm, Pad Thai, sooooo good) and she hauled me over to introduce me to the owner of the local paper. Here’s the conversation:
MM: "Kristene should be writing a column for you. "
Newspaper Man: "Have you ever written for a newspaper before?"
Me: "No."
MM: "That doesn’t matter. Wait until you read her stuff."
So, I have a meeting with this fellow (who seems lovely, very Nelson-ish) in November.
I love writing fiction. I hate writing business letters. Thank you for your time and attention. Sincerely, Princess of All She Surveys.
My new agent also set me up as a volunteer reader at the local elementary school. The grade-one students were a little perplexed when, instead of Yuk Soup, I read them my query letter for my novel, but soon they were all in the spirit and we got on to a lively discussion of using the active vs. passive voice when writing. Seriously, they were the cutest little bunch of readers I’ve met.
I have a Nelson library card now – yes, it’s getting that serious. We’ve rented a house I like to call "Shagalicious" in reference to the carpets. The view kicks bum big time!!! Conveniently located one house away from Mountain Momma and The Ripster.
Speaking of the Ripster, his Everest training group were getting ready for the big push to the summit of Mt. Ama Dablam (technically more difficult than Everest) only to return to Camp One and find they’d been robbed of fuel and equipment necessary for climbing. I think I’ll save all the details for another Chronicle because it’s way too good for one measley little paragraph but please visit Peak Freaks and check out their superb website.
Emily has been committing mass mouse-icide. I call the area surrounding the Chalet "The Killing Fields". She doesn’t eat them, just tosses them on the door mat, walks inside, and begs for cheese. Some people get a newspaper on their doorstep in the morning, I get dead rodents. I’m not sure what that means.
Oh I’m so tired and so excited at the same time. Tomorrow we make the trek back to the city for my conference and to pick up the rest of our stuff which will be transferred to Nelson via U-Haul. "U-Haul…you won’t believe what we charge for such crappy trucks!" Reclining seats and FM radio are so overated.
Our beloved Mulege in Baja is in real rough shape after the hurricane. I’ll post some photos next week. Very sad.
My next Chronicle will be post-conference, hopefully my brain will be back to its normal, abnormal state.
Until next…
Wait a minute. Oh yeah! No one asked me any questions as per my instructions last week. I guess none of you want to know anything about me…sigh. Well, except Photo-Ann who wanted to know how a rice cooker knows when to stop cooking. That’s an easy one. You see the Japanese developed technology years ago to both shrink people and make them heat resistant. Cooking rice is an art to the Japanese and not to be left to electronic devices. Each auto-rice cooker has a microscopic Japanese rice chef that lives inside and monitors the progress of the rice, pushing the "finished button" at precisely the right moment. I hope that answers your question Ann! Always glad to help. And thank you for being the only person interested in me, I’ve moved you to the top of the Xmas list.
Until next week, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!
The Princess

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