“Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot”

Hello from the end of the year.
The new year is upon us, time to take stock of the past and prepare for the future. How will I remember this year? A year of uncertainty? A year of adventure? Only time will tell but I know when I think of 2005, as always, it will be the people I love who will stand out most.
I have been negligent. Usually I make a point of expressing my gratitude for folks who have helped us or have shared something special with us, but this year I overlooked some very, very important people and I am feeling pretty down about it.
Pat and Joyce Roney started as our next door neighbours but quickly became two of our very best friends.
Over the years they have gone above and way beyond the call of duty when it came to doing favours for us. When we had our beach house, the original ClubFred, in Baja and would disappear for months at a time, they would take in our mail, deposit our cheques, pay our bills and respond to any number of minor emergencies on our behalf. There are very few people in this world you can depend on to that extreme.
You can count on the Roneys for just about anything – especially for livening up a party!
When we decided that Ukee (rain) was not going to work for us, and needed a place to hang our hat (and all of our other many possessions) while we waited for our Cayman job interview, they were quick to offer us a comfy place to stay for as long as we needed. Now, I’ve made jokes, referring to the Prez and I as "the people under the stairs" and maybe you’ve gotten the impression that we lived in some sort of bat cave while we were there…no…not true…it was just a joke folks. Our basement suite included ample room for us, the fat cat, and all our stuff as well as a giant cozy couch, TV, DVD, VCR and blazing fireplace. We had our own bathroom and we were welcome in any part of the house at any time. We had a pretty sweet deal my friends. I would reccomend Casa Roney to anyone, anytime.
The really great part, actually quite rare, miraculous even, was that we all got along, really, really well the whole time. It was what you always imagined having roomates would be like until you moved out and actually realized how many wackos there are out there. But seriously, cohabitating, even with your closest and dearest friends, can be a complete disaster. There are people I love that I can’t imagine spending twenty-four consecutive hours with in a small space, never mind two months! The fact that the four of us (technically five but 18 year old Roney is rarely home as you can imagine) lived together, ate together, and hung out together for so long happily, without wanting to wring one another’s necks is a real feat.
To cap off our stay, these crazy cats took us out for a farewell dinner at Milestones (yum) where I sampled the "Bikini Martini" as part of my martini quality control program that I have started for restaurants all over the globe (they don’t pay me and actually don’t even want my advice but I have big dreams). So far, the Roneys have been present at every one of our many farewell parties (I notice the turn out gets a little smaller every time – I guess you can only say farewell so many times before it gets old).
Vegas may not have been so kind to us but who cares? We already hit the jackpot when we met the Roneys.
This is a Chronicle I should have written a long time ago. I have no excuse except, perhaps, that I am a big, fat, dumb head who doesn’t deserve such incredible friends – ya that sounds about right.
And there are lots of other people I’m sure I’ve overlooked in the thanks and gratitude department. CB springs immeadiately to mind. Wow, there’s no way we could be down here doing what we’re doing (what exactly are we doing again?) without CB back home taking care of the paperwork and other crap. Here he is, in the cold and sleet, nursing his sick wife, doing all our banking and mail stuff while we are just cavorting on the beach like a couple of thoughtless kids – we are not worthy. Seriously, we must owe CB about a 256,777.009 favours in return for all that he has done for us over the years. Thanks buddy!!!
And there are more, many more but I’m supposed to be working on my novel like a real writer right now so I’m going to wrap this up with a general thank you to all our friends and family who have helped us out so much, in so many ways, over the years. If you haven’t seen your name here, believe me, it is not because we have forgotten you but simply because the authour has a head full of junk that is constantly spilling out.
To everyone – I wish you a new year filled with joy and love. May you find the courage to do whatever it is you are afraid of, the patience to deal with life’s challenges, and the compassion to give to those who need more than you do. Tonight we will raise a glass to all of you who stay in our hearts no matter where we travel.
The Princess
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8 Responses to “Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot”

  1. Silliest Schnauzer says:

    Congrats on becoming a part of Best of MSN Spaces!Mark

  2. Silliest Schnauzer says:

    And a belated Merry Christmas to you too!Mark

  3. Mud Treasure says:

    Kristene,Congrats on Best of MSN Spaces. Lovely site. Enjoy your feature week!Mud Treasure

  4. County says:

    Wow, you got best of MSN spaces eh? CONGRATS! hahaAnyway, I work at a Milestone\’s, and the bikini martini is AMAZING… I was a bit off-put by the purple colour but it tastes great and it packs a punch too!

  5. Al says:

    Hello from Texas! Come pin my space . . .

  6. Waleed says:


  7. Sayanhya says:

    Congratulations! You\’ve got the \’Best of MSN Spaces\’ award. I\’m from India and have a steam locomotive enthusiast site at http://locomotiff.blogspot.com/ . I guess many travellers are now quite nostalgiac about them. Are you? Anyways I am looking forward to reading more about your journeys. Do keep us posted. Cheers!

  8. Kristene says:

    Thanks so much everyone for your wonderful comments. No one was more surprised (or pleased) about this feature than me! Once I have a faster internet connection I will stop by and visit each of your spaces.Mil Gracias again…Kristene

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