Gross Boys

Hello again from the land of whales, Wallys and Wetness!

Working at McFishing is testing my faith in humanity. I used to believe
in the theory of evolution…not any more. After yesterday, I am
inclined to think we’ve rather gone a few steps backwards from apes.

While waitressing my way through university, I developed the idea that
the world would be a better place if everyone had to serve food for a
living at least once. You know, the whole "walk a mile in another man’s
apron and serving tray" thing. Then after my stint in the Bahamas and
my duties as a housekeeper I revised that idea and now I believe that
everyone should work as a server and a cleaner at least once. Let me tell you, the tips would be better and no one would ever, ever do what a group of 42 barbarians did this weekend.

I arrived at work yesterday afternoon to find two of our managers
looking rather flustered – they gave me the story: A group of 42 was
scheduled to arrive on Friday evening (driving in) and, in the comments
we get from the reservation agent, it was listed as a family renunion.
Family reunion? Really? An interesting family; 42 young men pouring
into the lobby so drunk they can barely stand. Call me crazy but it
looks like a stag party to me.

These fine ambassadors of the opposite sex then proceeded to swear,
yell and harass the front desk girls who were sufficiently unnerved to
call the police. After the debacle of check in, the aforementioned
gentlemen headed off to the local dive to up the alcohol content in
their blood (apparently it was dangerously low). They returned to the
resort after midnight in high spirits – or perhaps just full of
"spirits" and high – where they celebrated their "family reunion" by
waking the other 100 guests, puking up and down the hallways, tossing
beer bottles, making a general mess, not letting a guest into his room
for fun, and taking a nice, big shit in the shower – to name just a
few. (Sorry for the language but if you think that’s gross just reading
it you can imagine how the poor housekeeping staff felt cleaning it
up). They carried on until roughly 5:00am, then they were off for a fun
day of fishing! (I was saddened to hear that none were seasick that

OK, let’s pause for a moment here.

I am not adverse to guys having a good time and I know sometimes people
get a little more carried away than they mean to but, honestly, a grown
man deliberately pooping in a shower for fun?????!!! Help me out here, is this some sort of male bonding thing I’ve never heard of????

So all of us McFishing staffers had to deal with the fallout of this
drunken hordes’ "fun". The housekeeping staff (who are already
overworked as it is) had the worst of it I’m sure but the front desk
had to deal with the numerous angry guests who were kept awake all
night and demanding refunds (which they recieved and rightfully so).

Perhaps the worst of it was that, when three of our managers met with
the group leader to discuss what happened and lay down the law, he
showed absolutely no remorse – none, zip, zero! In fact he had the
nerve, later that day, after our food and beverage manager walked in on
a room full of his buddies peeing off the balcony, to say "You know we
paid ten grand for this trip, that’s a lot of money! We’re grown men,
we don’t need a babysitter!!". Really? To which the F&B manager
replied, "Well sir, you’ve clearly shown us, by your behaviour, that
you do need a babysitter".

You may be asking why these bums were simply not just tossed off the
property with a boot to the backside? Good question. Very good
question. Like I said, McFishing is testing my faith in humanity. I
guess a buck is a buck in the eyes of the company.

Three more weeks, three more weeks, three more weeks…

So here’s my question to you: I feel that there should be some sort of
punishment, some sort of payback for this, but what? I know the
management will not do anything because their hands are tied by policy
but I really, really want to make sure these guys don’t just get away
with this. I don’t know if my words have even really painted a complete
picture of how filthy, obnoxious and disgusting this group was – so
you’ll have to trust me on that. Here’s the thing – I have access to
the names and addresses of every member of that group and, with a
little research, it would be very easy to find out more information,
including who the groom is marrying, where the group leader works etc.
I’m thinking about a nice, detailed anonymous letter or two to the
fiance or the boss or the parents. Or maybe a letter to the local paper
( I know they live in a fairly small town) about some of its fine
citizens? What do you think? I have three whole days off to decide
what, if anything, I’m going to do so I’d love to hear your input.

Oh, and in happy news, the Prez and I had a wonderful visit from Mom
and the "Cuzzins" (Sylvia, Penny & Audrey) on Thursday. This gang
of ‘mature’ ladies was perhaps not as rowdy as the gentlemen I’ve just
written about but apparently there was some singing and dancing (Mom is
contemplating a new career as a ballerina with cuzzin Sylvia as her
vocal accompaniast) in the hotel room in the wee hours of the night and
some rude hand gestures to a slow RV driver on the #4 highway (well,
except for cuzzin Penny who was flustered and used the wrong finger;
now the driver thinks 3 ladies told him to go to hell and one thinks
he’s #1!). Love you ladies – xoxox

Well everyone, I have three glorious days off and of course it is
pouring rain! I hope you’re all making the best of what’s left of the

Until next week, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!
The Princess

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2 Responses to Gross Boys

  1. County says:

    I think you should definitely go with the letter to the editor… when they are well-written they really get the point across. I love your space by the way, and I linked you… I hope that\’s okay! If not, let me know!

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