Bigger Fish to Fry

Hello from the Second Best Job in the World!


Crazy, crazy, crazy, that’s what it’s been around here. No sooner had Prez and I uploaded our video to the Best Job in the World website, when it crashed. I chalk this up to the thousands upon thousands of people trying to vote for us all at once. My apologies to Tourism Queensland. Popularity is my curse. LOL.


Today is the deadline for entries. I have gotten onto the site once, long enough to see that we have had 246 views, (not bad for less than two whole days), but I imagine there are going to be a lot of online traffic jams for the next twenty-four hours.


A few Nutters have asked what the exact process is for choosing the winners, so here goes:


Feb 22 is the deadline for video application entries. After that, a team of 15 judges will choose a shortlist of 50 entries. This has nothing to do with views or stars.


From March 2 to March 24, the top 50 will be displayed on the website for everyone to watch and rate. The judges will then choose their top 10 finalists. There will also be one wild card winner – this will be the entrant with the most votes. Details of the final eleven will be posted on the website on April 2. All eleven finalists will be flown to Sydney on May 3 for three days of intensive interviews as well as team challenges, physical, skill based and aptitude tests.


On May 6 the winner will be announced and the job will begin July 1.


As you can see, there’s a long way to go. All we can do is cross all of our various digits and hope to make the top 50. With over 23,000 entries, this would be no small feat. However, if we do make it, you might want to add us to your “block senders” list and change your home address because you know we are going to go nuts begging everyone for help.


Remember, the luxury villa on Hamilton Island has guest rooms. Just throwing that out there.


While we’re waiting for opportunity to come knocking on the screen door, we do have a pretty awesome job to attend to, running our own corner of paradise. We may not be living in a six million dollar villa or have a swimming pool or…um…have running water more than one day a week but, darn it, life is sweet!


And, speaking of sweet, that word does not even begin to describe the 40lb wahoo yours truly muscled into the boat two nights ago!



Seriously, can you beleive the size of this little beauty?! My arms are still aching!



This is the first wahoo I have ever caught. For those who’ve not had the pleasure of sampling this oh-so-tasty fish, wahoo is similar to halibut but a bit firmer. Marinated in coconut cream and lime, then rolled in flour, egg, and coconut flakes, this fish is perfection incarnate! Yumma, yumma, yumma!


February is the quietest month on Aitutaki. It is also the hottest – no coincidence, I’m sure. Though we sweat from sun-up to sundown, it is nice to have a little quiet time to ourselves for reading, and fishing and just, generally, being island bums.


Speaking of heat-crazy, island bums…


Before I let you go this week, I want to send out a word of thanks to our many amigos. While floating in the tepid water of the lagoon, yesterday, I said to Prez, “Do you know how lucky we are to have so many people help us and say such nice things about us?” (He knew). We are constantly awed by the generosity of not just our friends and family but of people we meet and know for only a short time. We’ve had more than one past guest write and say that they voted for us, gave us five stars, and forwarded our email to everyone in their address book. Wow. I’m humbled beyond words. Thank you all!


I think that’s a good place to end.


Well, maybe one more shameless promotion…


Here’s where to go to vote for us, (if you want to give us five stars you have to move the cursor over to the furthest star on the right):


And you can also visit our contest website and sign our guestbook:


(And you can also tell everyone in the universe to vote for us, if you want, we don’t mind).


QUESTION: Would you come and visit us on Hamilton Island?


Until next week, I hope this finds you healthy, happy and lovin’ life!

The Princess



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