Into the Wild…again

again from the Big Blue!

listening to Eddie Vedder’s Into the Wild soundtrack right now for the
eighteen billionth time. My only complaint about this collection of tunes is
that it is too short. Something about these lyrics hits a button deep inside my

“Such is
the way of the world, you can never know

just where to put all your faith and how it will grow. 


“My empty pockets will allow a greater sense of wealth.

 Why contain yourself
like any other book on a shelf? 

                                                   – Far Behind  

“As I walk this hemisphere, I got my wish to up and

                                                     – No Ceiling 

 “It’s a mystery to
me; we have a greed, with which we have agreed.

  When you think
you have to want more than you need,

  until you have it
all, you won’t be free.

  Society, you’re a crazy breed.

  I hope you’re not
lonely, without me.”

                                                     – Society

“Wind in my hair, I feel part of everywhere.

  Underneath my
being is a road that disappeared.”

– Guaranteed

vocal and instrumental parts of these songs are also quite lovely but it’s the
words, (surprise, surprise), that make the biggest impact on me. And not just
on me – I can’t believe the number of guests who, upon hearing me playing this
music, have commented how addicted they also are to this soundtrack.

This made
me wonder why. Why have so many people, particularly travelers, taken to
this soundtrack? The music and lyrics are simple, really. And, as far as I
know, there hasn’t been a big marketing campaign to promote this CD, so why
have so many found it?

For those
of you who haven’t read the book or seen the movie, Into the Wild is the
true story of a disenfranchised young man who cuts all ties with his friends,
family, and upper middle class life and sets off across the country on his way
to Alaska. His dream is to venture into the wilderness and live off the land,
free from the trappings of society. Along the way, he befriends an interesting
group of people who are drawn to the friendly and guileless boy. He finally
reaches his destination – an abandoned trailer, used by hunters, in the Alaskan
wilderness – but his dream of “living off the land” proves to be significantly
more challenging than he was prepared for. I won’t spoil the ending but I will
say it isn’t entirely happy.

There is
a temptation to write this kid off as an idiot and, granted, he made some
supremely stupid moves but in a world where fear and apathy have turned a large
percentage of our population into little more than drones, the idea of someone
willing to strike out in such a bold way holds a strange appeal for me. I’m not
suggesting that contentment is wrong but I do think that in our quest for
comfort we’ve lost the kind of strength and passion that can only be gained
through self reliance.

I had an
interesting discussion with friends Joe & Willow, AKA The fiancés, while
they were here, about the old-time explorers. When you really think about what
kind of dangers these men, (they were mostly men), faced and how willing they
were to plunge into the unknown it’s staggering. They were navigating
unexplored lands and waters with primitive equipment and no safety net to speak
of. If things went bad they were on their own. And, believe me, things very
often went bad. Today, with satellites and GPS and cell phones and EPIRBs and every
conceivable piece of high tech safety equipment at our fingertips, I often
wonder if there is a place for people who need the kind of extreme challenges
faced by the likes of Shackelton, Cook, Livingston and their ilk.

Now, I’m
not suggesting that I am a modern day Shackelton. Puh-lease, they didn’t even
have martini shakers on the Endeavor! But I am one of those types who feel the
pull of “Let’s see what’s out there!” more often than not. I’m anal enough to
do my homework but I’m also adventurous enough to throw caution to the
proverbial wind now and then. Sometimes I wonder when I’ll settle down and
sometimes I wonder why on earth I would want to settle down 

Prez into the mix, with his almost manically inquisitive mind and lust for
excitement, and it’s no wonder we haven’t had a permanent address for the last
six years.

I know
there was a whole group of family and friends who breathed a sigh of relief
when we said we’d decided to stay on here in Aitutaki for another year. But
that just seems so out of character for us, doesn’t it?

This is
where “The Best Job in the World” comes in. Tourism Queensland, in Australia is
hosting a competition for what they describe as the best job in the world. The
winner gets to be caretaker for a rather nice villa on Hamilton Island in the
Whitsundays for six months. They would basically spend their time exploring the
islands of the Great Barrier Reef and reporting about it via video and blog.
After several guests and friends emailed us with the link to the contest and
the words “You guys would be perfect for this!!!” we finally decided to give it
a look.

the list of what the successful applicant must possess:

Excellent interpersonal communication skills

Good written and verbal English skills

An adventurous attitude

Willingness to try new things

A passion for the outdoors

Good swimming skills and enthusiasm for snorkelling and/or diving

Ability to engage with others

At least one year’s
relevant experience

sound like anyone you know?

So, in
the spirit of adventure, we are tossing our hat in the ring and hoping for the
best! Expect an email in the next few days with a link to our video application
and supporting website. You all know I’m not the type to encourage forwarding
or to bother people unnecessarily but it would mean the world to us if you
would watch our 60 second video and pass the link along to as many people as
you can.

(I think
the villa has a guest room for visitors…hint, hint. LOL)

whatever you do, don’t go out and buy the Into the Wild soundtrack or
you may just find yourself strapping on your walking shoes, too!

Do you think we can win? 

next week, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!


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