Having My Cupcake

again from Mountain Mecca & Hippie Heaven!

Should I just call these my bi-weekly Chronicles (as one
cheeky “Nutter” suggested they are already) and save you all from my lame
excuses as to why every post is late? I am a busy girl lately, and summer doesn’t
help. I’m also trying to come up with a name for my Chronicle Readers; I like
“Nutters” because I think it most accurately describes my friends and family
(who largely constitute the readership of this semi-weekly rant). “Cocos” has
just too much of a strip club ring to it. And I think “Nuts” is just a little
too…well, let’s not go there.

First…um, well, not exactly first but first after the
prologue, I suppose, I want to give heartfelt thanks to the bucket load of
“sorry about Emily” emails. THANKS! It’s nice to know the impending loss of my
cranky kitty can generate so much sympathy – from non-cat people no less!
Thanks again, your thoughts meant a lot to both Emily and I…well, just to me,
she didn’t really know, and if she did she still wouldn’t care. Anyway, I’m
feeling better about it all (a lie), and I’m thinking she might be happy with
my dad who could use the company (he doesn’t know he’s taking her yet but I
assume when my sister reads him this Chronicle he’ll figure it out).

Sooooooo, what’s happening? Lots. The Ripster and our
next door neighbour, Dickie, both went in for surgeries on the same day. The
guy who climbs Everest and does a whole whack of other crazy things injured
himself…I love this…skateboarding with his grandson! So Ripster is nursing a
sore shoulder, and Dickie a sore mouth, (he had all of his upper teeth pulled –
long story), but that didn’t stop us from having a birthday bash for Rip,
grandson “E”, and, coincidentally, Canada all on the same day. Becky threw an
awesome party with burgers and games and cake (yippee), and she even arranged
for the city to put on a spectacular fireworks display for us. It sure was nice
of the city to do that for Rip’s birthday…oh yeah, and for Canada Day, too, I

We are now working on Kootenay time. Since the news of
our new job, employee/employer motivation has dropped markedly. Coffee breaks
are more frequent – as are “shade breaks” now that the mercury is up in the 30C
range every day – and quitting times vary with Prez’s mood, and weekends seem
to stretch on either side. So it should come as no surprise an invite from Guru
Terri to join her, Lefsa Gary, All-In-Jim, and Miss Sue, in Sandpoint, Idaho
for a mid-week, lakeside hangout was A OK’d and RSVP’d without hesitation.

Guru has a houseboat on Lake Pend-Oreille, which she
motored over to the dock of two good friends, Pat and Neil, of Baja fame. The
lovely couple was absent but graciously offered our scurvy crew the use of the
dock and house while they were away (what were they thinking?). What a cool
place! Pat and Neil have traveled the world and their experiences are brought
to life in their home. Pat’s artistic prowess has helped to create a fun,
multicultural environment inside, while Neil’s muy/tres/very green thumb has
created a virtual jungle of plants, flowers, and herbs outside. It was a shame
they couldn’t be there to share with us…but we made the best of it!

And Guru’s houseboat was nothing to sniffle at either. If
we weren’t already moving to the beach I’d be tempted to start searching for a
water-house of our own!

Sandpoint is a cute little town, similar to Nelson in
some ways. There’s even a cupcake shop…but more about that later.

The thing I love about Baja people, well, one of the
things, is that we all come from very different backgrounds but we all share a
spirit of adventure, and a willingness to choose unconventional life paths. Very
few Baja folks lead so-called normal, 9-to-5 lives. So, our visit with the gang
from Posada was affirming as we embark on yet another venture into the unknown.

I worry sometimes about all our shuffling around. Most of
the time I love our lifestyle (which is…?) but there are times I feel
disconnected and disheartened. I’m never in one place long enough to become
part of anything on any kind of permanent basis. It takes me a long time to
make good friends and time is usually not in my favour. After awhile, I feel
like a ghost – passing through people and places without any solid impact.

But then I sat down across from my good Baja buddies and
realized how trivial distance is. We all see each other only for short,
concentrated bursts, but we still have lots to talk about, lots to laugh about.
Prez and I have friends across the globe; some we see very rarely but when we
do it is as if no time has passed at all. I guess I am part of something after
all; I’m part of a network of fun-loving, good-hearted, wonderful people who I

Anyway, about the cupcake shop:

I love cupcakes. My passion for cupcakes cannot be
accurately expressed in mere words. Cakes are nice, yes, but there’s just
something about a cupcake that’s so much better. Maybe it’s because it’s small;
you feel as if you are eating an entire cake by yourself! Maybe. Vancouver has
an amazing cupcake shop on Denman Street – I’ve never gone in, fearing I would
cave in to my desire and be found the next day passed out in an alley,
surrounded by cupcake wrappers! But with Prez as my anchor, I figured I could
give in and sample one of the delicious little cakes on display in “Hey,

Deception thy name is cupcake!

Oh, woe. On my first attempt, I failed due to lack of
U.S. currency and their lack of an ATM or Interac machine. I was not
discouraged. I returned, after some window shopping, with a crisp $20 in my
hand! Gadzooks!! Now the line was out the door and you just know my man, “Fast
Freddy” ain’t waiting in line, in the heat, for no darn cake. He suggested we
pick one up at Safeway. Puh-leez. What’s next? Buying dinner at the gas
station? (Bad example, we’ve actually done that). The next opportunity knocked
when Miss Sue and I found ourselves waiting at the houseboat dock with no
houseboat in sight. “Quick! To the cupcake store!” I cried, and off we
went. But, alas, foiled again. The store was closed and would not open for
about an hour. Was I cursed??

It seemed I was to remain cupcakeless. But then…a

For my “2 years until 40”th birthday, Prez took me, the
Ripster, and BJ, out for a fancy-schmancy dinner at a really, really good
restaurant. We were supposed to go back to the Rip’s house afterward for tea
but we were zonked. So, the next night there is a little knock on the door and
who should it be but Rip and BJ with a little cake, complete with flowers and
sparklers, just for me! OK, it wasn’t technically a cupcake but I’m not
complaining. I finally had my cake!

And I ate it, too.

QUESTION: What food would you wait in line for?

Until…um…sometime in the foreseeable future, I hope this
finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!

The Princess

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1 Response to Having My Cupcake

  1. Cindy says:

    I\’m sure you already know how lucky you are to have friends like these. 
    Happy Birthday!!
    Ummm … Seafood

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