Stuff to Do

Hello again from a Kozy place!

There’s something important I need to get off my chest and
then we can proceed with this week’s Chronicle.

Pre-cooked bacon.

Pre-cooked bacon?

There is actually pre-cooked bacon, and pre-cooked sausage,
in the grocery store now. No I am not lying. What the hell is going on around
here??! You know what, if you don’t have time to cook your bacon you have
larger time management problems. Maybe you should stick to cereal. Standing, in
horror, in the meat aisle I felt like Charelton Heston in that last scene of Planet
of the Apes – “Damn filthy marketing

So what’s next? Pre-chewed bacon? Pre-digested bacon? “You’re a busy person on the go, you don’t
have time to waste chewing and digesting breakfast. Try new ‘Ready-Poo’ – just
open up the package and drop it in the toilet!”

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, I feel so much better for venting. Thank

And now back to out regularly scheduled Chronicle already in

This week I am reminded of a line from the John Milton poem
"On His Blindness", “They also serve who only
stand and wait.”

On our new handyman venture I do a lot of that – standing
and waiting. Some jobs are just too cramped for more than one person, some too
technical for me, and some involve using tools that we only have one of. So I
stand and wait to pass tools, take measurements, help hold things, etc. It’s
not so bad when we’re on our own and it works well sometimes having a pair of
supervising eyes to catch mistakes before they happen. “Wrong way! Wrong way!!” (that was yesterday’s job, installing a
t-bar ceiling, and Prez putting the panel in upside down). It’s not so good,
however, when the home owner is on site watching and I somehow have to manage
to look like I am actually doing something important. At times like that I like
to grab a piece of paper and calculator and pretend to be calculating very
significant numbers.

I know my job as assistant is valuable; the Prez has said he
would not even consider doing this job without me but it sucks feeling useless.

Stunt work was like that too – a lot of waiting. You could
always tell from a stunt person’s girth how much work they had. Thin and buff =
lots of training, hours at the gym, many desperate phone calls to coordinators
begging for work. Fat or flabby = many twelve hour days sitting on set in a
room the size of a broom closet with access to all the Costco muffins your
little heart desires. Folks outside the business often think the hardest part
of stunt work must be the stunts, far from it. The hardest part was the
inactivity…and the wigs. Ooooooh I hate wigs.

Humans don’t do well without stuff to do. Humans without a
purpose become criminals, gossipers, Amway sales people, marketing people that
invent pre-cooked bacon…and writers. Scary.

One of the factors, I think, that made the Prez &
Princess wedding so enjoyable was that we let everyone get as involved as they
wanted to. **NOTE: Once again, I am in no way implying that anyone else’s
wedding, especially if it was a traditional wedding, was not enjoyable. Well
done you for having a traditional wedding! (Still covering my butt)** I used to
think that being a good host meant doing everything
so that your guests could relax. Whether we were hosting a barbeque or out for
a day’s fishing, I’d run around like a mad woman trying to make sure everything
was absolutely tickety-boo while my guests sat with polite, yet bored, smiles
on their faces. I’ve since learned that it’s much more fun and much less
stressful to share the load and give guests “stuff to do”.

Earlier this week we quoted a job on deck repair for a
subsidized senior’s building. To inspect the decks we had to cross through
several units, saying a polite “excuse me” to the elderly residents as we went.
What I saw gave me pause. Was this an apartment complex or just a quiet place
for lonely people waiting to die? Each of the small rooms was crammed full of
“stuff”- photographs of friends and loved ones, keepsakes, plants, etc. And
each held a solitary resident, standing and waiting for the end to come with no
“stuff to do”. Is this what it comes down to? We work and save all our lives
just to end up sitting and waiting, alone in a little box? Scary and sad.

It never fails, every time I think I’m happy finally kind of
settling down in one spot with a “real” job, I see something that reminds me
what life is really about, how much there is out there, how much stuff there is
to do. The handyman biz is great, the money is good, the hours are long, but we
are our own bosses and that means we can go away when we want. Prez and I have
talked it over and we’ll probably head off somewhere in the winter. Maybe Baja
or maybe??? We’ve been talking about backpacking Fiji
but our minds are always, thank goodness, open.

So I’m going to wrap this up because I’m a working gal now
and my time has become very precious.

And I have stuff to do.

Until next week, I hope this finds you healthy, happy &
lovin’ life!

 The Princess



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5 Responses to Stuff to Do

  1. Unknown says:

    I wondered what  became of you.  It is nice to see you are healthy and loving life and you still have that movie star smile! 

  2. Kristene says:

    Thank you. Do I know you??


  3. Unknown says:

    Yes!  "Garfield\’s friend" was a hint, but you need another one:  Hmmm…. let\’s see:  We laughed one time until the relish came up out of our noses. 

  4. Kristene says:

    Ah ha! Now I know who you are. But as I recall there was only one of us with relish coming out of the nose…and it wasn\’t me. LOL.

    How are you? Great to hear from you! You can find my real email on the grad reunion site if you ever feel like dropping a line.

    Cheers – Kris

  5. Unknown says:

    I did (e-mail)… so if you didn\’t receive one let me know 🙂 

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