If you graphed the activity level of my life with Prez, you would see a pattern–peaks and valleys, stretches of empty schedules followed by periods of “too busy can’t talk now!”. Like most things, this is our own fault. Nomadic, entrepreneurial, and lovers of novelty by nature, we seem incapable of long term commitment to anything but each other. The result is a feast or famine existence of extreme highs and lows.

While I’d love to dissect our lifestyle and the practical and emotional consequences of our choices, we are on the cusp of another Feast season.

Prez, sadly and reluctantly, had to admit that his business idea was to expensive to nourish at this time and so returned to familiar territory: deck repair and construction, and aluminum railing/awning installation. In less than a week, he has been overrun with work and requests for work. He even has plans to expand and by mid-June will be certified as the Duradek vinyl deck guy here.

I have started my new job at Eagle Eye Adventures. We are still in shoulder season for the next few weeks, for which I am thankful. I have worked long enough in tourism to know that when high season hits there will barely be time to blink. So far, I love the job–happy tourists, fantastic employers, a floating office! Oh, and I also have a new editing gig, a novella I’ve promised to have finished by the end of summer, another possible writing gig, not to mention the fourth Warpworld book that is currently with our editor.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘When will you have time to foster kittens?’

I WILL MAKE TIME! (Seriously, if I have to kidnap Hermione Granger and beat her over the head to steal her time-turner so that I may care for foster kittens, I will do it).

Anyway, this short yet boring post is simply my way of saying that Coconut Chronicle posts may be few and far between for a while. You’ll have to mix your own cocktails while I’m gone and if someone could please water the palm trees for me that would be great.

Now, I must feast!

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