Do the Limbo

Hello from the big city of Rarotonga!
I’m in the Aquarius Hotel, killing eight hours while I wait for my flight to Los Angeles. Did I neglect to mention I’m heading home for a two week visit? Sorry. Just me; Prez is holding down the fort on Aitutaki, with the help a returning guest. (Love you baby!). It has been just short of a year since Prez and I arrived on Aitutaki. We haven’t been off the little patch of sand in all that time. If Rarotonga is anything to go by, I am in for a massive culture shock when I touch down in Vancouver.
Everything here seems so shiny and new and busy and fast. Wow, sensory overload. Traffic, I’d forgotten what traffic is like. This hotel is air-conditioned. Climate control, what a concept! But seriously, I don’t feel as if we have been missing anything, in fact I’m thankful we chose such a slow and naturally beautiful locale to put down temporary roots.
Having said that, dinner was fantastic – so nice to have new menu choices!
Well, folks, this is a short one. I’ll be writing more from the road but I was already a week overdue and suffering from terrible guilt over it. In my defense, last weekend I was struck down by a savage stomach flu. "Gastroenteritis", if you want to know the real, medical name for it. It was highly unpleasant and debilitating. Luckily, our friend Turua had already been through it and he rounded me up some of the special natural medicine that he used. Hot dang did that green, foul liquid ever work. Don’t tell the pharmaceutical companies, they’ll be on Aitutaki tomorrow cutting down all our precious anti-gastroenteritis plants.
I’m going to rest now but by this time tomorrow I will be sippin’ ciders with Martha and Patty-Cakes (I’m on my way!). More to follow!
QUESTION: What’s the weather like in Vancouver? Will I need more than flip-flops and shorts? (Please don’t answer)
Until some time very soon, I hope this finds you healthy, happy & lovin’ life!
The Princess
p.s. Goodnight sweet Prez, I miss you xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
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