Stuck in the Middle With You

Hello again from the land of whales, Wallys and wetness!

I hate to think that my destiny has been shaped in large part by an
episode of the Brady Bunch but that is certainly how it appears. In
this particular epsiode, the Brady family recieves a visit from their
eccentric, world traveling aunt. The aunt comes bearing gifts and
stories from all the interesting and exotic lands she has visited. I
thought she was the coolest person I’d ever seen and the memory of that
episode (I can’t actually even remember the plot) haunts me to this day.

Once again the Prez and I find ourselves stuck in the middle. We are neither here nor there. We are in a lull. "Day after day, day after day, we stuck, nor breath nor motion; As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean."  Thank you Samuel Taylor Coleridge; motivational speaker you are not!

OK, I exaggerate just a little but we are definitely in our in-between
time. We will be leaving Ukee at the end of October and headed to the
big bad city; however, we do not have jobs, a place to live, or any
sort of direction as of yet. Stuck in the middle as it were. You’re
probably wondering about now when the heck she’s going to quit rambling
and get back to that really interesting Brady Bunch reference. Patience

We have some important choices to make at this juncture. Do we (a) put
our noses to the grindstone and get ‘grown up’ jobs in the city, work
our tails off for the next seven to ten years and hope that we can
rebuild our wealth while we’re still young and (relatively) healthy
enough to enjoy it or (b) throw the dart at the map, yet again, and go
find a job somewhere warm and tropical where the pay may not be as
lucrative but we will be diving, fishing, and living on the beach every
day?? Hmmmmm. I close my eyes and I see that character from the Brady
Bunch; she’s beckoning me onto the plane. Damn you Eccentric Aunt

Honestly though, I really have been torn on this one. I mean, c’mon, I
like the safety and security that money provides; like the freedom of
being able to go out to a fancy restaurant now and then or buy things
without guilt; like knowing that if one of us gets seriously sick or
injured that we have the means to support ourselves. Money may not buy
happiness but it can buy you a really big yacht and you can sail up
next to happiness and wave at it. Surely, there are oppportunities in
the city, many of our friends are there, and would it really be so bad?

On the other hand…

As my friend Mr.Baney would say, life is about experiences. You can
take away every material possession I own but you cannot take away the
amazing memories and the knowledge I’ve gained from my unorthodox life.
Would I trade meeting people like the Baneys or the Quarles or the
McGraws for a bigger house or a nicer car? Unequivically – NO! So maybe
we don’t make as much money, maybe we sacrifice security and safety to
some degree, but maybe we have a better, happier life because of it.


I won’t say my mind is made up. While we shuffle our way through the
next month, the Prez and I will be looking at all kinds of options. I
have some health issues to consider so we won’t really get the 411 on
that until Oct.18th. Whatever path we choose, I’ve resigned myself to
making the best of our situation and not burdening my mind with too
many expectations. To be 100% truthful, up until recently I have been
in somewhat of a panic at the thought of packing up our life and moving
three thousand miles away again, not helped by the Prez’s tendency to
come home on Monday and announce that we should definitely move to
Vancouver to  become  real estate moguls and on Tuesday tell
me to pack my backpack as we’re off to Tonga. These days I am becoming
a little more relaxed about everything though. No matter what happens,
I am certain that we’ll be OK.

And, Brady Bunch Aunt aside, I was sitting in the ‘salon’ at our friend
Meg’s place this past weekend when I had a mini-epiphany. Meg has this
lovely house right on Chesterman beach which she purchased many moons
ago; long before Tofino was the "it" place to be. The property she owns
is worth exponentially more now than what she paid for it (no, I don’t
know the exact figures) but  that’s not why she bought it I am
sure. Meg could easily sell her place, make a whack of cash, and travel
the world in style. That’s exactly what I was thinking but then,
sitting with a cocktail, listening to jazz and watching the surfers
play in the waves as the sun sets you have to ask yourself, ‘What more
do you want?’ It comes down to what stirs your soul. Meg loves living
where she does, loves the west coast, loves walking on the beach so why
on earth would she give that up? Us nomads tend to think that everyone
feels the way we do; that life is all about being out there and seeing
what’s around the next corner. And here comes the epiphany part…if
that is how I feel, that life is all about being out there and seeing
what’s around the next corner, then what am I worried about; I’m living
the life I’ve always wanted. Traveling and experiencing the world is
what stirs my soul.  I am the Eccentric Aunt.

What do you think? Work hard in the city and get our act together or
throw caution to the wind and find a lifestyle job in the tropics?

I’ll be sitting here in the middle awaiting your reply

p.s. – Thanks for the many compasssionate emails and comments from last
week’s posting. All is well (had the make up sex) and we are, once
again, happy and in love.

So until next week, I hope this finds you healthy, happy and lovin’ life!
The Princess

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